Trumpets 2022

Welcome brothers and sisters to the start of the Fall Festivals of Yahuah; what a joyous time! Tonight, is the Feast of Trumpets, a day with major end-times implications.

The announcement of the return of Yahusha,

the coronation of the king,

the day of the resurrection,

the opening of the books,

the regathering of the great assembly and much more! 

If you are fascinated by prophecy, look to the feast days; Yahuah has encoded the end times within them, especially the Feast of Trumpets!

Blow shofars or shout (Teruah!!!!)

The Command: Lev 23:23-25

What do we do?

  • It’s a sabbath, a day of shofars, gathering, eating, drinking, singing, and praising Yahuah.

  • We begin by sighting the new moon and blowing the shofars and or shouts!
  • We should not be contentious with another over interpretations regarding the calendar. This is a great test of where our hearts really are.

Yom Teruah is a call to repentance/ a wakeup call / an alarm!

A day to coronate the king

Can you imagine the sound of that trumpet/shofar?

  • Think of a worldwide tornado siren
  • Think of the conditioning via Hollywood (War of the Worlds Sounds)

It is also the announcement of the wedding.

Getting back to sounding the alarm – this Moed is preparing us for that day:

The great gathering:

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