Torah Portion Week 47 Reeh Study Notes 2022

Torah Portion – Week 47 21-22

Welcome brothers and sisters to week 47 – “RE’eh”  which is “to see”.  Deut 11:26-16:17


11:28 – We have the option to choose good or evil. Life or death.  (otherwise he could have hardwired us like the animals to obey)

  • He wants the heart.

11:32 –Also keep these statues in a foreign land:


12:3 – We should be doing the same in our walk – tear down the Idols!  (so much Idolatry in our world)

12:4-6– Jerusalem.  This lets us know we can’t celebrate the feasts perfectly, but we are still to memorialize them.

12:7 – The commandment is to rejoice!!!!

12:8 –

12:9 – rest

12:14 – Together we are the temple

12:30 – How does the world celebrate Yahuah and Yahusha?


13:3 – Jer 23

13:4 – This is how we serve him

Talk about Eze 13 prophecy video- False prophets and teachers ( we need to be wary of Youtube prophets and dreamers)

13:9-11 – Why aren’t we killing them now?


14:1 – cut themselves

14:3: Food laws again – important. Isaiah 66:15-17

14:24-26 – A good set of instructions for us.  Also, wine/liquor is not a sin – drunkenness where there is excess is. Testament of Judah ch. 3

14:29 – Tithing is still for today!

Targums paragraph 2


15:1-3, this is certainly something we can keep in our day!

15:7-11 – poor

“servant” was more of indentured servitude (how this country was built)

Earing a sign of servitude… not a bad thing, we are servants to Yahusha!


16:8 – Joshua 5

In general, as we go through the Torah, we are learning as we go, these “scary 613 laws” that most don’t want to even investigate.  Blessed are you for looking into the perfect law of liberty!

Targums 1st paragraph


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