Shabuot 2022

Shavuot 2022

-Grain/wheat harvest (thanking him)

-Marriage covenant

-Giving of Torah (vows)

-Giving of Ruach (seal of promise)


The Basics


Unleavened bread for Pesach: (we know leaven is doctrine)

  • Getting out of Egypt/ Babylon’s ways
  • Removing the leaven of men


Leavened for Shabuot


  • Since the leaven of men is removed, the true doctrine is introduced


Two loaves (spirit and truth)

Shavuot in Jubilees (double nature)

Jub 6:14-22












We are to offer a sacrifice

ps 50:5




What will happen on the next time Yahuah gathers on Mt Sinai?


(This takes us to the very first prophecy ever)

Enoch 60 (59 cepher) 1-6



Vision from Mt. Sinai to Mt Zion (Being crowned by Yahusha)




TobiYah in captivity celebrating it the best he could:



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