Shavuot Notes

Shavuot 2020

Welcome brothers and sisters; today we will be commemorating and celebrating a Feast day unto Yahuah, Shavuot, aka Pentecost and the Feast of Weeks.  Now, for most of us, we are far removed from an agrarian culture, which is a life centered around agriculture, or more simply put, a farming type of living, to which this feast day is all about.  Regardless, these appointed times are eternal and we want to honor it in any way we can, making ourselves ready for the return of Yahusha.  (Pray)


The Basics


Abraham kept it in Jubilees:

Jub 6:14-22


Everything in its season (How we should bless Yahuah for it). Enoch 2-5



The Giving of the Torah (We will cover Exo 19 & 20)



Giving of the Ruach


Ruach leads us to truth.  Mt Sinai to the Upper Room; leading us back to Mt. Sinai


What will happen on the next time Yahuah gathers on Mt Sinai?


(This takes us to the very first prophecy ever)


Book of Ruth (optional story to read centered around Shavuot)


Vision from Mt. Sinai to Mt Zion (Being crowned by Yahusha)



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