Torah Portion Week 39 Study Notes Numbers 2022

Torah Portion – Week 39 (21-22)


Welcome brothers and sisters to week 39 – “Chukat”  Meaning decree– Which includes the teaching of the red heifer for cleansing of one who touches a dead body, the disobedience of moses and aaron at the waters of Meribah and the conquest over King Sihon and Og.



19:1 – 22:1

-Remember, I’m only a student of Torah

Aramaic targum link



Numbers 19:


  • Red heifer (no yoke or bondage of sin)
  • Wholly consumed (as was Yahusha & the Passover lamb)


19:12 – Yahusha is the cleansing of the 3rd day and eventually the 7th day


19:19 – Baptism


19:20 – Defiled the sanctuary


19:end – Discuss the parallel with Eze 36 –


(Refer back to 19:6) Red heifer – and Crimson Worm


Psalm 22:








Numbers 20:


20:6 – Think about the patience that Moshe and Aharon exhibited here….


20:10 – They were commanded to bless the people, not condemn


20:11 – Read Targums 3rd paragraph – also:


20:12 – Moshe was judged with a greater strictness. One messup and he was out


20:13 – Moses was commanded to speak to the rock



20:29 – Aharon (Exalted mountain) died on mount Hor (another name for Har)



Numbers 21:  


21:9 john 3:14-15



  • Modern day “medicine”


Recite the names of Yahusha’s ancestry or video


21:14- “Book of the Wars of Adonai” Some believe it to be the book of Jasher, as it goes side by side with the Torah, detailing the battles fought.



Jasher 85:1-33



Targums 4th, 5th, 6th, 11th, 12th, 14th, 15th,


Fire from the mouth


Abraham- Father of many
Isaac – He will laugh

Jacob – supplant, circumvent, assail / heel

Judah – Praise or praised

Pharez –  breach or blossom

Esrom – Dart of Joy; division of a song

Aram – high or elevated

Amminidab – kinsmen of nobility

Naasson – Serpent/ bronze/oracle

Salmon – robe or mantle

Boaz – In strength

Obed – Servant or to serve

Jesse – My husband or Yah exists

David – Beloved or lovely

Solomon – Recompense, completeness, peace

Rehoboam – People are enlarged

Abijah – Yah is my father

Asa – Man of Sorrows

Yehoshaphat – Yah Rules/governs

Joram – Yah is exalted

Uzziah – Power of Yah, Yah is my strength

Jotham – Yah is perfect, or complete

Ahaz – He has grasped, or possessor

Hezekiah – Yah strenghthens

Mannaseh – Forgetting

Ammon – the people or multitudes

Josiah – Despair of Yah (fire made by Yah, or Yah heals)

Jehoahaz – Yah has grasped

Shialtiel – I have asked God

Zerubbabel – Pressed out of babel

Abiud – Father of praise

Eliakim – God sets up

Azor – A helper

Zadok – Righteous, the just

Achim – Established, raised up, who will stand

Eliud – God is majestic

Eleazar – Elohim has helped / whom Elohim helps

Mattan – a gift

Jacob – the heel

Joseph – the Increaser, or doubler






The Father of many, he will laugh, he will supplant and assail. He will be praised, and blossom. A dart of joy, a division of song – he will be elevated; our kinsman of nobility. He is the bronze serpent, the oracle of Yah clothed in a robe and mantle. In strength he will be a servant and serve.  My husband, our beloved is peace. The people are enlarged, and Yah is my father. He is a man of sorrows, and a ruler and governer. Yahuah is exalted and he is the power of Yah, the strength of Yah. Yahuah is perfect and complete. He has grasped and posseses through Yahuah’s strengthening. Forgetting the multitudes of people, Yah heals and has possessed them. I have asked of Elohim to be pressed out of Babylon. A father of praise, Elohim sets up a helper, the righteous and just one, who is established and raised up. Elohim is majestic, Elohim has helped. He gave us a gift, the heel, the supplanter and the increased double portion.

Yahuah saves



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