Torah Portion Week 40 Balak Study Notes Numbers 22-25 2022

The True Seed of Abraham

Torah Portion – Week 40 (21-22)
Numbers 22:2 – 25:9



Welcome brothers and sisters to week 40 – “BALAK”  Is about the story of Balak, king of the Moabites, who hires Balaam to curse Israel so he can defeat them.  An interesting encounter, with very interesting plot twists and a talking donkey!



Ch 22:


22:2 – Targums paragraph 1


22:4 – As the Ox


22:9 – Why would Elohim speak with Balaam


Balaam history – Jasher 67:8-52

  • Just because Balaam was a magician at first, doesn’t mean YHWH wouldn’t accept his repentance!


Balaam and Moses’ first encounter – Jasher 70:1-31


Balaam’s sons Jannes and Jambres – Jasher 79:20-42


It’s possible Balaam saw the works of Yahuah in Egypt and believed and sought after him, then he turned for riches like the parable


22:21 – Targums “But the anger of the Lord was provoked, because he would go (that he might) curse them”


22:30 – All animals spoke – Jubilees 3:18-end

22:32 – Beating animals (correction is ok, but not beating – likewise with children)


The angel and the animal stood as two witnesses trying to keep Balaam from going in error


Ch 23


23:4 – Bullock and Ram


23:9 – Not reckoned among the nations – Deut 32:8-9 Septuagint



23:21 – No iniquity? Because it was covered

23:24 –


Ch 24: verses 4-9 – living water – Psalm 1

Verse 17 – Yahusha – gen 49


Ch 25:


Balaam taught sin and fornication, getting them to curse themselves (much like the world today)


Targums: “And now, behold, I return to go to my people. Come, I will give thee counsel: Go, furnish tavern houses, and employ seductive women to sell food and drinks cheaply, and to bring this people together to eat and drink, and commit whoredom with them, that they may deny their God; then in a brief time will they be delivered into thy hand, and many of them fall. Nevertheless, after this they will still have dominion over thy people at the end of the days.”


“And Bileam rose up and went to return to his place, and Balak also went upon his way, and appointed the daughters of the Midianites for the tavern booths at Beth Jeshimotb, by the snow mountain, where they sold sweetmeats cheaper than their price, after the counsel of Bileam the wicked, at the dividing of the way.”



Phinehas (1 Mac 2)


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