Torah Portion Week 8 – Vayishlach 2024 Study Notes: Genesis 32:3 – 36:43

Torah Portion Week 8 – Vayishlach “and he sent”

Gen 32:3 – 36:43 (24-25)

Ya’acov wrestles with Elohim, Reconciles with Esau,

Incident at Shechem with Dinah and the death of Rachel


32:6 – Read what happened before this: Jasher 31:53-77

32:7-12 – Turning the fear over to Yah who delivers. (Hezekiah, Jehosephat, Elisha, Samuel Gideon etc…)

  • Faith and preparation.
  • A good time to remember how to pray in these types of situations.
    • Give reverence to him
    • Acknowledge his might
    • State the situation
    • Proclaim the promises Yah has given through his word
    • Ask for deliverance.

32:21 – Jasher 32:7-26

32:28 – 32 – Enoch 46 – Yahusha?

32:31-32 – Had a permanent limp afterwards?

  • Many say this is the sciatic nerve/tendon


33:2 – Physical prep alongside trusting in YAH

33:4 – Why he was so friendly?! Jasher 32:27-40

33:18 – Shechem picture


Sheckem and Dinah

34:23 – The motive

Jasher 33:5-14,44-52, 34:37

Testament of Levi 2:1 – 3:12


35:2-4 – (Aramaic) Genesis 35:2 – And Jakob said to the men of his house, and to all who were with him, Put away the idols of the peoples which are among you which you took from

the temple of Shekem, and purify you from the uncleannesses of the slain whom

you have and change your raiment.

Genesis 35:3 – And we will arise and go up to Bethel, and I will make there an

altar unto Aloha, who heard my prayer in the day when I was afflicted, and whose

WORD was my helper in the way that I went.

Genesis 35:4 – And they delivered into Jakob’s hand all the idols of the people

which were in their hands which they had taken from the temple of Shekem, and

the jewels that had been in the ears of the inhabitants of the city of Shekem, in

which was portrayed the likeness of their images; and Jakob hid them under the

terebinth that was near to the city of Shekem

35:5 – Jasher 34:38-35:25  (Homework, read all of 34-35)

35:8 – Oak of weeping

35:22 – Reuben lays with Bilhah:
Testament of Reuben 1:1 – 2:12


Targums: “and the sons of Eliphaz were Teman Omar, Zephu, and Gaatam, and Kenaz, and Timna. And Timna was the concubine of Eliphaz bar Esau, and she bare to Eliphaz Amalek. He is Eliphaz the companion of Job”         

36:11 – Kenaz:  Kenezite:

36:24 – Mules in the wilderness Mules

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