Torah Portion Week 5 Study Notes 22-23

Torah Portion Week 5 22-23

Chayei Sarah – “Life of Sarah” – Gen 23:1 – 25:18

Death of Sarah, Purchase of Machpela & Eliezeer sent to get Rebekkah


23:1-2 – The Sarah you never saw: (we read this last week)
Jasher 23:1-19

Writings of Abraham 148-153,

23:20 – These are more deeds of Abraham, completely humble.  Who is our neighbor (Good Samaritan)?

Doing good to all (neighbors)

Winning Souls Writings of Abraham 55 (pg 86), 80 (pg 106)

  • How can we ever think to make true converts hating the people outside of covenant
    • Contrast with how jews today think of outsiders?
  • Jasher 24:8-10


24:15 – Answering prayer before even asked –

24:48 – We can ask him to go before us still this day


25-end – Jasher 26:21-End

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