Torah Portion Week 46 Ekev Study Notes 2022

Torah Portion – Week 46 (updated 21-22)

Welcome brothers and sisters to week 46 – “EKEV”  or known as “If you Follow.  In this portion, we see the blessings for obeying Yahuah and the warnings for forgetting him and his ways,  a declaration that these blessings that come to them isn’t for their righteousness, but because of the promise to Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Israel is reminded of their rebellion, the golden calf and a command to circumcise their hearts and another promise of blessings to come.

Welcome brothers and sisters,  my name is Adam – Your brother in Yahusha who has been called to study the Torah and I invite you to join me.

Why we are doing this- Psalms 119:18

“Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.”



7:12 – “IF”

Saved by faith:

Faith / Habakkuk

12-15:  We have the same promise to come in the millennial reign; we are still in dispersion, awaiting the gathering.

7:18- Why are we afraid of our changing world and beast system?

7:26 – Future army (fear being on the wrong side of this…)


8:1-3 – Testing

8:5 – Chastening

8:6 – True fear

8:11 – Forgetting his law = forgetting him

  • It’s like forgetting your marriage covenant!

12. Fat and happy (like America) What do you think happened to the Israelites of old?  Prosperous, fat and happy

8:16 – The ‘tough times’ are good for the soul.  Every patriarch had it tough, except Solomon

Targum, last sentence of last


9:6 – Just like it will be in the future

9:17 – The tablets eventually went into the ark- a reflection of Messiah (who had to be broken first, then rebuilt)

9:24 – Since he first met them


10:12-13 – Do it his way

10:15 – People above all peoples (Jubilees 2)

10:16 – It’s about both!

10:18. We are to guard the widows, fatherless etc…. 2 Esdras 2:20-23

10:19. Love the sojourner (opposite of Sodom and Gomorrah/Jasher)

10:21 – HE IS YOUR PRAISE!!!!

10:22 –


11:1 – REAL LOVE 😀

11:12- Modern day –

11:14. No rain for those in the future (Zech 14)

11:18 – The mark

11:19-20 (meditate on his ways)


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