Torah Portion Week 45 Vaetchanan Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11 Study Notes 2023

Torah Portion – Week 45 -22-23

Welcome brothers and sisters to week 45 – “Va’etchanan” I pleaded.  In this portion, we see Moses not being able to enter the land of Israel, a Plea from Moses to Israel to keep the commandments, another brief overview of the cities of refuge, the 10 commandments and Shema and the decree to take the land from the enemy.

Welcome brothers and sisters,  my name is Adam – Your brother in Yahusha who has been called to study the Torah and I invite you to join me.


23-26: We see YHWH is no respecter of persons and he means what he says



4:1 – Just like in the end

4:2 – Jubilees 50 –

  • No drawing water, No war, No fasting etc…
  • Creates calendar crusaders – Ch 6:36-37

4:3 -Sacrifices to the dead (false Elohim)

4:4 – Cleave like husband and wife

4:6 – Making wise the simple! (although what kind of witness are we to the nations?

4:8 – Are we this example?

  • Bickering for the world to see?

4:9 -10– We saw through the book of the Kings that it only took one generation to fall away, same as the book of Judges.

4:13 – Sapphire stones, sapphire firmament, throne and tzitzits!

4:19 – Serving the sun and moon –

29-31 – His compassion, mercy and forgiveness.. Manasseh (2 chron…Ascen 1:1-9 and

Prayer of Manasseh

4:33 – Who spoke? (we will conclude in Deut 5)

Targums 2nd paragraph, first verse.

He made you hear the voice of His Word from the heavens on high, to give you discipline by His doctrine, and showed thee upon earth His great fire, and made thee hear His words from the midst of the flame”


The commandments (first 4 loving YHWH, last 6 loving your neighbor)

  • 3. Using a title instead of his name, using his name in a vow and not keeping it
    • 5. Honor Parents (even if they aren’t good, nice or believers)

5:9 -10 – Love fulfills the law

5:26 – John 1:18

29: Blessing or curse – Deut 11:26-28

Targums makes clear The Word was there


6:1 – Commandments – Mitvot (like 10 commandments)

Statutes (ordinances) – Choq/chuqqah Typically refers to tithes, priests portions, and procedures of feasts/festivals

Judgements (right rulings) – Judicial rulings or sentences pertaining to actions or misdeeds

6:2 – demonstrates (proves) true fear and love of Yah

6:4 – Shema“One” –

…. Messiah study playlist

6:5 –

6:6 – Real heart for him is to hear (shema)

8: “Sign” on the hand and forehead –


Instruct children: Natsarim 12:13-21

6:17-20 (leads into 6:21) – Testimonies (witness that testifies) –

6:21-24 – What’s your testimony?

6:25 – righteousness defined

Self-righteousness –


7:7 –

7:9 – Thousand generations – Enoch 10:17-18

7:11 – Shamar

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