Torah Portion Week 44 Debarim Study Notes 2022

Torah Portion – Week 44 – 21-22

Welcome brothers and sisters to week 44 – “DEVARIM”  or known as the WORDS.  This is an account of Moses reviewing the events that occurred during the 40 year journey in the wilderness, to recount the laws and important moments.  He recaps the appointing of judges or leaders among the people to ease his burden – the sending of the spies, the reluctancy of the people and Yahuah swearing that generation would not enter, except Joshua and Caleb. Lastly, a retelling of the wars against Sihon and Og and the disbursement of their land to Reuben, Gad and Manasseh.

Welcome brothers and sisters,  my name is Adam – Your brother in Yahusha who has been called to study the Torah ….

Why we are doing this- Psalms 119:18

“Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.”


  • First discuss Deuteronomy means 2nd Law, but the original book was named Devarim, which means words.
  • The promise for our generation in Deut 30 (will read later)
  • The first and greatest commandment from Yahusha comes from Deut 6
  •  – NT quoted Deut 28 times!

  • Modern day scholars will call this the added law or second law, but it’s just not the case.
  • Josiah – 2 kings 22 – 23:2


1:3 – People call it Moses’ law – when in fact it is YHWH’s

1:8 – We have a similar promise (Deut 30:1-3)

1:15 – Biblical leadership – Wise – Understanding – prudent

1:27 murmur/grumble

1:28-33 – Do we believe him or not?  Do we fear the enemy or the situation or Yahuah alone?

1:35 – Don’t trust in him, don’t see the fruit

1:45 – twice disobeyed – Adam and Eve 4

Last paragraph targums


2:4 – The nations will once again tremble at the sight or hearing of Yah’s army (we will read more in 2:25)

2:6 – What’s the difference here and with Midian? (Literal animals sacrificed to the dead)

2:7 – Lack nothing

2:14-16 – Testing in the wilderness… We are in the wilderness now.  Although some are coming out of Babylon, they are falling in the wilderness ( anti messiah, thrashing at others over doctrine)


2:34 – The curse of Cainan – Jubilees 9:14-15, 10:27-34


3:4 – Og – Jasher 85:21-27

3:11 – royal cubit to feet: 9 cubits = 15 feet

How tall is 15 feet?




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