Torah Portion Week 42 Study Notes Numbers 30-32

Torah Portion – Week 42  (22-23)

Welcome brothers and sisters to week 42

“Matot”  Or “Tribes” goes over Vows, the war vs. Midian and Moses discussing with the Reubenintes and Gadites about crossing over and finishing the war with the rest of their bretheren.

Why we are doing this- Psalms 119:18

“Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.”

Ch. 30

What comes out of our mouth is of extreme importance




Swear to your own hurt (character)

Men have the authority (women belong to men, just as children belong to parents)

Ch. 31

31:5 Certain amount from each tribe selected for war, much like the 144k – and right before they enter the land.

31:6 – Musicians at the front

  • Music & spiritual warfare

31:18 We have to realize that Yahuah’s judgement is righteous; this is a foreshadow of what’s to come in the last days

31:23 – Through fire

Writings of Abraham 100:1-3, 103 (pdf page 119)

31:54 Everything was distributed as needed (Yahuah cares for all, small and great)

Ch. 32

32:9 – Listen to that still small voice for direction, move when he says so

Help out your bretheren!  We are at war right now and have not settled in the land of inheritance yet!

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