Torah Portion Week 41 Numbers 25:10 – 30:1 Study Notes

Torah Portion – Week 41 (2022-23)

Welcome brothers and sisters to week 41 – “Pinchas”  or Phineas.  – is about the incident with Phineas and the Israelite man and Moabite woman and how the plague was stopped… The story about the Zelophehad’s daughters and their plea for the inheritance to pass to them…. A 2nd census of the people… appointing Joshua to take over for Moses as leader… and commands regarding the daily offerings and for the Feast days of YHWH.

Welcome my name is Adam – Your brother in Yahusha who simply loves his word and is eager to learn and share as we go.  Your input is vital – we all have a piece that YHWH gives us.

Why we are doing this- Psalms 119:18

“Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy Torah.”


25:13 – Phineas rewarded for his zeal

-The Peor incident was such a detestable act- that it was retold five more times:


26:11 – Eze 18

  • Think Esau to Isaac

26:46 – Serach Jasher 54:89-99

Targum- 10th paragraph

26:56 – (many children is a good thing  )

-Numbering the people – For war –  It’s possible then to deduce the same reason for the 144k

-Remember, whether or not we are blood decedents of the 12 tribes, we will be grafted into one.  Some say Ephraim only, but I’m not so sure.


After verse 11-

-Moses took counsel with Yahuah before speaking – this is wisdom.

 – Take counsel from YHWH

-Women are important to YHWH. Lest we also forget the zeal Levi and Simeon had in Sheckem, when the entire town was destroyed over their sister Dinah.

 -Women are of utmost importance! –


10-11 “sacrifices” on Sabbath and New moon days

28:9 – Sabbath has the normal offerings plus extra. (I worship him every day)                                                                                                    

Ch. 29

70 bullocks for the 70 nations (zech 14)

Targums: 1st and 2nd

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