Torah Portion Week 38 Korah Study Notes Numbers 16 – 18 2023

Torah Portion – Week 38 -22-23

Welcome brothers and sisters to week 38 – “Korach” or Korah – which is all about the rebellion of Korah and those that joined to him.  It is certainly interesting this rebellion came right after the command for tzitzit was issued…

Numbers 16: 

16:1 – Korah is Moses and Aarons cousin

  • Treachery hurts the worst from family and close friends (think again about Satan – The cherub and him turning on YAH

16:3 – “seeing all the congregation are holy” – declaring righteousness.  We must be humble

16:5 –  Moses declares such (YHWH determines who is holy)

16:17 – Like Elijah on the MT vs 450 prophets of Baal

16:21 YHWH does not concur with the declaration of who is righteous

16:22 – Certainly Moshe and Aharon are humble men!

16:26 interesting connection with come out of Babylon –  Rev 18:4 and Eze 23

16:33 – Ground swallowing in the future

16:40 – Uzziah

16:47 – Offering incense

16:48 – between the dead and living – Yahusha, our high priest forever, our intercessor:

Korah’s children spared

Numbers 17: 

The importance of the Rod:  We see a rod becoming a snake then becoming a rod again, the rod was used to turn the water into blood, which also was used to bring forth the frogs, lice, hail and locust.  The rod was raised alongside the waters of the red sea to be parted, the rod was used to strike the rock to bring forth water (symbol of Yahusha).

Rod in a future context

17:5- although Moses and Aaron were already chosen, YHWH, in his longsuffering, is showing a sign for their hardened hearts.


Numbers 18:

18:5 – Setting a watch over the tabernacle now after the rebellion

18:12-14 –

The priesthood was for Aaron and his descendants.  The High Priest, no doubt is the clear cut leader of Israel (so it holds true with Yahusha)

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