Torah Portion Week 37 Numbers 13-15 Study Notes

Torah Portion – Week 37 (UPDATED 2023)

Welcome brothers and sisters to week 37, Shelach, SEND YOU

This portion tells the story of the twelve spies sent to assess the promised land, commandments about offerings, the story of the violation of the Sabbath, and the commandment of the tzitzit.

Numbers 13: 

13:16 – It is interesting that Caleb, the Kenizite (Edomite) was named as the leader of Judah.  He was grafted in.

Joshua name:

13:31 – No fear!

-Grapes ripen late summer, early fall

13:29 – What’s keeping us today?

13:33 – Giants: Gen 6,


Sending out the 12 (prophet like moses)

Numbers 14: 

14:4 – Complaining (have we ever thought to look at things from his perspective?)

  • Do we whine and complain when things go wrong, or are tough?

14:9 – Why fear the NWO, beast system etc… If Yahuah delights in us…

14:11 – Believing –

14:12 – Yah chose Moses for a reason; humbleness.

14:18 – Moses is quoting Exo 34

14:22 – Ten tests – It’s interesting that Abraham was tested 10 times according to Jubilees 17-19 and found faithful in all

14:28-29 – The fruit of their lips

14:35 – Think about our time now; what is all that different than the Israelites in the wilderness?  Are we not being tested?  Will we enter into N.Jerusalem with filthy hands?

14:42 – Too late Jasher 6:11-23

14:45 “Hormah” meaning “broken rock”, “banned”, or “devoted to destruction”

Numbers 15:

15:16 – No racism!

15:29 – Yah has always wanted all races of man to serve him



Woman grabs Yahusha’s tzitzit                                                                                                         

  • Korah’s rebellion was sparked by tzit zit
  • Wearing of the tzitzit is a small request, can we follow it?

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