Torah Portion Week 36 Behaalotecha Numbers 8-12 Study Notes 2022

Torah Portion – Week 36 (updated 2022)

Numbers 8:1 through 12:16



Welcome brothers and sisters to week 36, Beha’alotcha, When you set up.


This portion tells of the Menorah in the Tabernacle, the consecration of the Levites, the Second Passover, how a cloud and fire led the Israelites, the silver trumpets, how the Israelites set out on their journeys, the complaints of the Israelites, and how Miriam and Aaron questioned Moses.




Numbers 8:1-4 Menorah – Just like we see in Revelation





8:End – Priests –



Numbers 9: Passover mentioned directly after the sacrifice and atonement for the firstborn.


-Passover is the only feast with 2 opportunities – 1 of 3 pilgrimage feasts

-Journey and rest at the commandment of YHWH.  Do we act when he speaks?


9:8 – While most counsel is already written for us, do we go to Yahuah for all other matters that he may show us the truth?
– Read Targums paragraph 3





9:15-23 – Interesting connection with the future tense of N. Jerusalem in Isaiah 4




Numbers 10:


10:2 – Calling of the assembly



10:9 – We are at war every day


2nd Paragraph of the Targums!!!!


Celebrate the New Moons!


Last paragraph of targums!


Numbers 11:


11:1-13 Will we complain if we are gathered and no longer have access to all this excess?


11:30 – Spirit given


11:35 – Qivrot Hat-Ta’avah = “Graves of Craving”


Targums: The wicked ate of the flesh, yet offered no thanksgiving to Him who had given it to them: but while the flesh was between their teeth, and not consumed, the anger of the Lord waxed strong against the evil people, and the Lord slew the people with a very great mortality. And he called the name of that place, The Graves of the Desirers of Flesh; for there they buried the people who had desired flesh. And from the Graves of the Desirers the people journeyed to Hatseroth, and they were in Hatseroth




Numbers 12





Read Targums first paragraph





Think of the privacy of Matt 18 process


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