Torah Portion Week 35 Naso Numbers 4:21-7:89 Study Notes

Torah Portion 35 – Naso “Take Up”

 Numbers 4:21 – 7:89

Duties of the priests

Purification of the camp

Laws of restitution

Laws about the accused adulterer

Laws for Nazarites

Priestly Blessing

Begin with a call to re-center and focus on the Word


Read Targums last two paragraphs “Word of YHWH”

4 End: Order of the ancients ch 8 (pg 29)

Rom 12



5:10 – A reminder to forgive/reconcile

5:22 – The cup given to the adulterous woman (Mystery Babylon) Ezekiel 23

  • Yahusha died the death for the adulterous bride of the covenant.  The crucifixion would have caused his belly to swell and thighs to rot.

5:28 – “Free”

Read targum 5th paragraph

Trial by water: Noah, Abraham (&Isaac), Red sea, Jordan, baptism


6:21 – Nazarites

  • Strength of nazarites in the Ruach??

Priestly blessing (It is really the blessing of Yahuah)

Read Septuagint nazir


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