Torah Portion Week 27 & 28 Tazria & Metzora 2022

Torah Portion 27 – Tazria “She Conceives”

Leviticus 12-13


Unclean 7 days
Circumcised 8th
Continues 33 days = 40 Days

Unclean 14 days
Continues 66 days = 80 Days

Why sin offering for bearing a child?

2 Esdras 7:116-131

12:8 – Yahusha came from a poor family perhaps


Before we start
Leprosy is something YHWH can give and take away- listening or not to the word of YHWH/ or word of a prophet: Exo 4:6-7, num 12:1-15


13:3 – Only YHWH can make the hair white or black


In our time now, a spiritual uncleanness manifests itself differently. It becomes obvious to all, just as the skin conditions of old.

Sin made manifest:

Uncleanness comes from within



Torah Portion 28 – Metzora “Being Diseased”

Leviticus 14-15



Blood and water at the cross:

Baptism – cleansed by water:


We are the live bird. (Yahusha took the death for our cleansing)

Shaving off all hair and eyebrows – a humbling experience before all

Stones of the home cast away: Shepherd of Hermas, vision 3, chapter 6: 
1 Peter 2:5
As to those who were cut down and thrown far away from the tower, do you wish to know who they are? They are the sons of iniquity, and they believed in hypocrisy, and wickedness did not depart from them. For this reason they are not saved, since they cannot be used in the building on account of their iniquities. Wherefore they have been cut off and cast far away on account of the anger of the Lord, for they have roused Him to anger. But I shall explain to you the other stones which you saw lying in great numbers, and not going into the building. Those which are rough are those who have known the truth and not remained in it, nor have they been joined to the saints. On this account are they unfit for use. Who are those that have rents? These are they who are at discord in their hearts one with another, and are not at peace among themselves: they indeed keep peace before each other, but when they separate one from the other, their wicked thoughts remain in their hearts. These, then, are the rents which are in the stones. But those which are shortened are those who have indeed believed, and have the larger share of righteousness; yet they have also a considerable share of iniquity, and therefore they are shortened and not whole.

No unclean stones (how stay clean after redemption?) Psalm 119:1-2

Cleansing from our filth –

More cleansing



15:28 –



The offerings:

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