Torah Portion Week 27 & 28 Leviticus 12-15 Study Notes

Torah Portion 27 & 28 – Tazria “She Conceives” & Metzora “Diseased”

Leviticus 12-15



Unclean 7 days

Circumcised 8th

Continues 33 days = 40 Days

Unclean 14 days

Continues 66 days = 80 Days

Why sin offering for bearing a child?

2 Esdras 7:116-131

12:8 – Yahusha came from a poor family perhaps

– Naming the child on the 8th day & circumcising still applicable

– Giving a special thanks on the 40th or 80th day still applicable (spiritual sacrifice)


Before we start
Leprosy is something YHWH can give and take away- listening or not to the word of YHWH/ or word of a prophet: Exo 4:6-7, num 12:1-15

13:3 – Only YHWH can make the hair white or black

In our time now, a spiritual uncleanness manifests itself differently.  It becomes obvious to all, just as the skin conditions of old.

Sin made manifest:

Uncleanness comes from within

13:46 – Without the camp today

Leprosy stories:


Earthen vessel over living water:

Blood and water at the cross:

Baptism – cleansed by water:


We are the live bird.  (Yahusha took the death for our cleansing)

14:9 – Shaving off all hair and eyebrows – a new creation

14:40 – Stones of the home cast away: Shepherd of Hermas, vision 3, chapter 6:   
1 Peter 2:5

Hermas Tower: 13:7 – 15:1, 17:1 – 21:14 (pg 3)

No unclean stones (how stay clean after redemption?) Psalm 119:1-2

Cleansing from our filth –

More cleansing


15:8 – Messiah makes us clean now

15:28 –

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