Torah Portion Week 21 Ki Tissa Exodus 2022

Torah Portion Week 21 – Ki Tissa  “When You Take”



Exo 30:11 – 34:35


  • I’m just a student of Torah
  • Prayer




30:11-16 – A good time to remind ourselves of how we were redeemed:



14 – ‘Age of accountability’?


15 –


30:18-21 – Good reminder for us to be clean inside and out!


30:25 – The sense of smell facts


Ecc 38:




30: end – mixing holy and profane – we are to be a set apart people, not mixing our service to him with the ways of the world.





31:10 – Bezalel name means in the shadow of Elohim (likeness)  – Oholiab (Father’s tent)


31:13-17 – The Sabbath is his sign/mark (alongside the other commandments)




Targums 31:13, 17,18


31:18 – Reminds me of when Messiah stooped down and wrote on the ground.




32:6 – Read targums 32:1-6


32:10 – A test for Moshe… An opportunity to be the New Abraham


32:14 – Yahuah can be reasoned with (he knew Moshe to be the most humble man and caring for the people ahead of time)

  • He seeks to guard Yahuahs name and honor, and even quotes scripture for him (evidence)


32:20 – King Josiah generation (tearing down golden calves in our time)


32:29 – Levites


32:33 –
who is he?  Messiah and the Word (even torah)



  • Let us not forget that the people who were slain participated in false worship to Yahuah


Read Targums – 24-end





33:6 – Remember the stones we discussed last week


33:9 – Targum


33:14 – Septuagint “, I will give it to your seed. 2 And I will send at the same time my angel before thy face” (the Angel of YHWH?)




Targums :20-end


What about Isaiah 6 (I think he saw Yahusha, the image of YHWH)







34:1-9 –  Targums :5-9



(No one has seen YHWH)

Angel of YHWH article

34:20 – Redemption


34:30 – Moses face shone like the sun (like Messiah)


Targums: 2nd,

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