Torah Portion Week 20 Tetzaveh Study Notes 2022

Torah Portion Week 20 – Tetzaveh  “You Command” (21-22)



Exo 27:20 – 30:10


  • I’m just a student of Torah
  • Prayer





2021 –





28:2 – The garments would be beautiful


28:12 – Bearing them on their shoulders (Messiah Yahusha the High priest)



Stones (Exo) Masoretic
Sardius, topaz, carbuncle
Emerald, sapphire, diamond (jasper or onyx)

Ligure, agote, amethyst
beryl, onyx, jasper


sardius, topaz, emerald
carbuncle, sapphire, jasper
ligure, agate, amethyst
chrysolite, beryl, onyx






Targums (read it from “And thou shalt make the BREASTPLATE OF JUDGMENT)
carnelian, topaz, carbuncle,
Smaragd, sapphire, calcedony
ligure, agate, amethyst,
chrysolite, onyx, jasper

jasper, sapphire, calcedony, emerald, sardonyx, sardius, chrysolite, beryl, topaz, chrysoprase, jacinth, amethyst


Foundation stones video


28:29 – “upon his heart” a forshadow of all of us upon the heart of Yahusha, our eternal high priest.



28:30 “Urim and Tummym”



“Bear the Judgement”


28:36-38 –


28:41 – Consecrate (nazarite)


Whole armor of YAH


Last paragraph of Targums





Blood – life of the flesh


Fat – Burning fat upon the alter today? Fasting

Caul – caudate lobe of the liver

Testament of Reuben 1:26

Test of Naphtali 1:20

Test of Gad 1:9-36


Kidneys – Test of Naphtali 1:20

‘reigns’ = kidneys

Hebrew word kilyah (first appearance)


Jer 17:10


29:20 – ear (hearing the voice) thumb (actions) toe (walking in the way)


29:44 – Sanctify (qadesh) Qadash = Shabbat (7th day), Firstborn, his people, priests, mt sinai, priets garments, offerings, altar, tabernacle, Yahuah, year of Jubilee, the home, nazarites,  (most often… sabbath)






Sacrifice, Psalm 50 – targums


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