Torah Portion Week 18 Mishpatim 2022 Study Notes

Torah Portion Week 18 – Mishpatim “Laws” (2022)



Exo 21:1 – 24:18


Judgements = Right rulings strongs:




21:1-3 Very similar to creation account – work 6 and rest, much like the Sabbath day of the week and Sabbath year of rest.



  • Targums 21:2


21:6 – Aul


21:12 – Death penalty derived from here.


21:20 – Targums says death


21:25 – Eye for an eye…

21:35 – Solomon derived wisdom in the matter of the baby (derived from this right ruling)

  • If judgement between brethren is needed, we can always glean wisdom from one right ruling to a parallel matter. Ie. Ox for any good or possession.


21:36 – In general, Yahusha was preparing his people for a time without the temple, a time where we should be looking to forgive one another, rather than to be quick to run to court to essentially sue each other.




22:3 – Read Targum on this one


22:14 – Just like in today’s world, if we break something of our neighbors in our possession, then we make it right.


22;15 – Give an example of riding in the car together.



22:18 – Torah mockers will use this (we are in dispersion/Egypt/daughter of Babylon with governing rules – did Daniel go around and kill witches and such?)

  • Rev 22 (outside N.J. will be sorcerers…)



22:25 –


22:26 – Perhaps only covering by night.


22:28 –




22:29 – redemption


22:30 – Give everything first to Yahuah (living sacrifices)

    • Went to his priests and levites




23:2 – Think of modern day riots

  • Targums


23:3 – Rich or poor among us are equal (no favoritism to the poor – even Robin Hood)


23:4-5 –


23:6 – Opposite of 23:3


23:8 – This isn’t about gifts in general, but bribery


23:9 – We are still sojourners today


23:12 – Can this still apply today? Why not (Lev 25 does state its for being in the land of promise, not captivity)



23:13 – The fallen ones


23:14 – 3 Main harvests (including end times)


23:18 – pertains to Passover. Septuagint:



23:19 – Some say this type of meat is most palatable boiled in milk.

  • This practice would be cruel
  • There does exist some pagan rituals, found in African tribes and Arab customs


23:20-23 – Yahusha – community tab post: Angel of YHWH


23:25-26 – The promises for obedience IN the land, not for captivity which we are in now.





The marriage


24:7 – I do! – Read Targums (dispel the book of covenant vs book of the law)


24:8 – The covenant (marriage)



24:11 – Vows, witnesses, meal and blood

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