Torah Portion Vayikra Leviticus 1-6:7 Study Notes 2022

Torah Portion 24 – Vayikra “and he called” 21-22



Leviticus 1:1 – 6:7



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Before we begin – Vayikra means: “and he called”



– Freewill Sacrifices and offerings will resume in New Jerusalem (Ezekiel 40-47)

– We have evidence in the Torah of certain sacrifices before the official giving of the Torah at mt. sinai – Adam, Abel, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses

– 1st Adam and Eve


  • Olah (Whole burnt offering) – for total consecration of the offerer’s life to YHWH
  • Mincha (Grain offering) – token of the offerer’s life to his fellow man & detachment from cares of posessions
  • Shelamim (Peace offering) – symbolizes fellowship between YHWH and His people
  • Chatat (Sin offering) – brought to atone for personal or congregational sin
  • Asham (Guilt offering) – brought for sins not considered as serious as the sin offering, swearing falsely, etc.



All the sacrifices point to Yahusha and what he did for us
Olah is voluntary

1:2 – Clean animals: bulls, goats, rams, lambs, doves, etc..


1:4 – The animal is in our place – Jasher 23:69-75

  • If you haven’t slaughtered an animal before… it’s intense


1:10 – Yahusha is the unblemished one


Olah is a whole burnt offering – We have to fully give ourselves to him


Targums: 1:1,



Meat = Mincha – grain offering – voluntary offering to draw near to YHWH

2:1 – Not cheap stuff here! Remember Elisha story?

2:5 – Yahusha is the unleavened bread!

2:11 – No leaven (bad doctrine) Without leaven


2:12 – 144,000 are the firstfruits (not burnt):




2:13 –

– covenant of salt


Salt: Flavors, preserves
destroying (proclaiming judgement)

Fertilizing – remember, the world is a field and we are here to help the harvest

Mincha – symbolized detachment from worldly goods, or care of such:

Yahusha fulfilled the Olah and mincha: Obviously he was anointed with oil!



Shelamim – peace/ thanksgiving offering – a way to thank and draw near to him


Draw near:


He is our peace offering;


3:10 – Kidneys

  • Hidden organs (they are the last you get to in the body)
  • Likened to the ‘inner man’ depths of the will/being.



3:14 – The Fat


  • How can we give the fat to Yahuah these days?
    • Fasting burns the fat 😀


3:17 – Don’t eat all the riches and don’t consume one’s life (symbology)




4:6 – sprinkling blood for our sins


4:14 – can’t turn a blind eye when you found out (remember when we found out about Christmas etc…)


4:18 – 4 chambers of the heart



Asham – Guilt offering – unintentional violation


5 end – 1 John 2 (if we stumble/mess up)






Psalm 50


He announced the ceasing of animal sacrifices many times


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