The HIDDEN WAR: The Womb


What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun. Is there a thing of which it is said, “See, this is new”? It has been already in the ages before us.”
Ecclesiastes 1:9-10


Currently, there is a war on the womb, and as you’ll see, history surely does repeat itself. Today, we are going to discuss ‘the why’ behind the V and many other agendas in this world.


During this week’s Torah portion, I was floored at the information that I believe was set before me. There’s a pattern that’s occurred throughout history, and it’s happening again, right now. This pattern started with Abraham, repeated for Moses, Messiah Yahusha, and now, once again, in the final generation. Before we get into the current events, we need to first dig into the past.





Abraham Was Born With A Heavenly Sign & Prophecy

“And it was in the night that Abram was born, that all the servants of Terah, and all the wise men of Nimrod, and his conjurors came and ate and drank in the house of Terah, and they rejoiced with him on that night. And when all the wise men and conjurors went out from the house of Terah, they lifted up their eyes toward heaven that night to look at the stars, and they saw, and behold one very large star came from the east and ran in the heavens, and he swallowed up the four stars from the four sides of the heavens.

And all the wise men of the king and his conjurors were astonished at the sight, and the sages understood this matter, and they knew its import. And they said to each other, This only betokens the child that has been born to Terah this night, who will grow up and be fruitful, and multiply, and possess all the earth, he and his children for ever, and he and his seed will slay great kings, and inherit their lands.”
Jasher 8:1-4

The interpretation is spot on. I believe the entire fulfillment of this is in these end times, notwithstanding, they knew it all started with Abraham.


The Promised Child Attempted To Be Slain


“And the wise men and conjurors went home that night, and in the morning all these wise men and conjurors rose up early, and assembled in an appointed house. And they spoke and said to each other, Behold the sight that we saw last night is hidden from the king, it has not been made known to him. And should this thing get known to the king in the latter days, he will say to us, Why have you concealed this matter from me, and then we shall all suffer death; therefore, now let us go and tell the king the sight which we saw, and the interpretation thereof, and we shall then remain clear.

And they did so, and they all went to the king and bowed down to him to the ground, and they said, May the king live, may the king live. We heard that a son was born to Terah the son of Nahor, the prince of your host, and we yesternight came to his house, and we ate and drank and rejoiced with him that night. And when thy servants went out from the house of Terah, to go to our respective homes to abide there for the night, we lifted up our eyes to heaven, and we saw a great star coming from the east, and the same star ran with great speed, and swallowed up four great stars, from the four sides of the heavens.

And your servants were astonished at the sight which we saw, and were greatly terrified, and we made our judgment upon the sight, and knew by our wisdom the proper interpretation thereof, that this thing applies to the child that is born to Terah, who will grow up and multiply greatly, and become powerful, and kill all the kings of the earth, and inherit all their lands, he and his seed forever. And now our lord and king, behold we have truly acquainted you with what we have seen concerning this child. If it seems good to the king to give his father value for this child, we will slay him before he shall grow up and increase in the land, and his evil increase against us, that we and our children perish through his evil.”
Jasher 8:5-13


Praise be to Yahuah, Abraham’s life was spared, and we know how the rest of the story went.




Moses Born With A Heavenly Sign & Prophecy

“And it was at that time the spirit of Elohim was upon Miriam the daughter of Amram the sister of Aaron, and she went forth and prophesied about the house, saying, Behold a son will be born unto us from my father and mother this time, and he will save Israel from the hands of Egypt. And when Amram heard the words of his daughter, he went and took his wife back to the house, after he had driven her away at the time when Pharaoh ordered every male child of the house of Jacob to be thrown into the water.

So Amram took Jochebed his wife, three years after he had driven her away, and he came to her and she conceived. And at the end of seven months from her conception she brought forth a son, and the whole house was filled with great light as of the light of the sun and moon at the time of their shining. And when the woman saw the child that it was good and pleasing to the sight, she hid it for three months in an inner room.”
Jasher 68:1-5


While this heavenly sign came about in a different way, the prophecy remains steadfast. Promised child, and promised deliverance via prophecy. Side note, Moses’ birth was very similar to Noah’s.


“And after some days my son Methuselah took a wife for his son Lamech, and she became pregnant by him and bore a son. And his body was white as snow and red as the blooming of a rose, and the hair of his head †and his long locks were white as wool, and his eyes beautiful. And when he opened his eyes, he lighted up the whole house like the sun, and the whole house was very bright. And thereupon he arose in the hands of the midwife, opened his mouth, and conversed with Yahuah of righteousness. And his father Lamech was afraid of him and fled, and came to his father Methuselah. And he said unto him: ‘I have begotten a strange son, diverse from and unlike man, and resembling the sons of the Elohim of heaven; and his nature is different and he is not like us, and his eyes are as the rays of the sun, and his countenance is glorious.”
Enoch 106:1-5



The Promised Child Attempted To Be Slain


“And in the hundred and thirtieth year of Israel’s going down to Egypt, Pharaoh dreamed that he was sitting upon his kingly throne, and lifted up his eyes and saw an old man standing before him, and there were scales in the hands of the old man, such scales as are used by merchants. And the old man took the scales and hung them before Pharaoh. And the old man took all the elders of Egypt and all its nobles and great men, and he tied them together and put them in one scale. And he took a milk kid and put it into the other scale, and the kid preponderated over all. And Pharaoh was astonished at this dreadful vision, why the kid should preponderate over all, and Pharaoh awoke and behold it was a dream.

And Pharaoh rose up early in the morning and called all his servants and related to them the dream, and the men were greatly afraid. And the king said to all his wise men, Interpret I pray you the dream which I dreamed, that I may know it. And Balaam the son of Beor answered the king and said unto him, This means nothing else but a great evil that will spring up against Egypt in the latter days. For a son will be born to Israel who will destroy all Egypt and its inhabitants, and bring forth the Israelites from Egypt with a mighty hand. Now therefore, O king, take counsel upon this matter, that you may destroy the hope of the children of Israel and their expectation, before this evil arise against Egypt. And the king said unto Balaam, And what shall we do unto Israel? surely after a certain manner did we at first counsel against them and could not prevail over them. Now therefore give you also advice against them by which we may prevail over them. And Balaam answered the king, saying, Send now and call thy two counselors, and we will see what their advice is upon this matter and afterward thy servant will speak.
Jasher 67:11-23


Pharaoh’s two counselors were Reuel (Jethro) and Job. Jethro recounts the struggles and victories Elohim had given to them, and then concludes with this:

“Now therefore if it seem good in thine eyes, cease from destroying the children of Israel, but if it be not your will that they shall dwell in Egypt, send them forth from here, that they may go to the land of Canaan, the land where their ancestors sojourned. And when Pharaoh heard the words of Jethro he was very angry with him, so that he rose with shame from the king’s presence, and went to Midian, his land, and took Joseph’s stick with him. And the king said to Job the Uzite, What do you say Job, and what is your advice respecting the Hebrews? So Job said to the king, Behold all the inhabitants of the land are in your power, let the king do as it seems good in his eyes.”
Jasher 67:40-43


“And the king said unto Balaam, What do you say, Balaam, speak thy word that we may hear it. And Balaam said to the king, Of all that the king has counseled against the Hebrews will they be delivered, and the king will not be able to prevail over them with any counsel. For if you think to lessen them by the flaming fire, you cannot not prevail over them, for surely their Elohim delivered Abraham their father from Ur of the Chaldeans; and if you think to destroy them with a sword, surely Isaac their father was delivered from it, and a ram was placed in his stead.

And if with hard and rigorous labor you think to lessen them, you will not prevail even in this, for their father Jacob served Laban in all manner of hard work, and prospered. Now therefore, O King, hear my words, for this is the counsel which is counseled against them, by which you will prevail over them, and from which you should not depart. If it please the king let him order all their children which shall be born from this day forward, to be thrown into the water, for by this you can wipe away their name, for none of them, nor of their fathers, were tried in this manner.

And the king heard the words of Balaam, and the thing pleased the king and the princes, and the king did according to the word of Balaam. And the king ordered a proclamation to be issued and a law to be made throughout the land of Egypt, saying, Every male child born to the Hebrews from this day forward shall be thrown into the water. And Pharaoh called unto all his servants, saying, Go now and seek throughout the land of Goshen where the children of Israel are, and see that every son born to the Hebrews shall be cast into the river, but every daughter you shall let live.
Jasher 67:44-52


Once again, the promised child was marked for death, as the enemy wanted to negate prophecy. Nevertheless, we know how the story unfolded. Keep in mind that Miriam, Jochebed and Amram had to act wisely, while these atrocities were being committed in order to protect Moses. We will expound on this a bit later.




Yahusha Is Born With A Heavenly Sign

Now when Yahusha was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem, Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.”
Matthew 2:1-2

We could spend a few hours on the multitude of scriptures that prophesied his first coming and even second, to which he will rule this world with an iron rod. If you’re reading (or listening) to this, chances are that you know many of them. We’ll share a few anyways.


Give the king thy judgments, O Elohim, and your righteousness unto the king’s son. He shall judge your people with righteousness, and your poor with judgment. The mountains shall bring peace to the people, and the little hills, by righteousness. He shall judge the poor of the people, he shall save the children of the needy, and shall break in pieces the oppressor. They shall fear you as long as the sun and moon endure, throughout all generations. He shall come down like rain upon the mown grass: as showers that water the earth. In his days shall the righteous flourish; and abundance of peace so long as the moon endures. He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth. They that dwell in the wilderness shall bow before him; and his enemies shall lick the dust.”
Psalm 72:1-9



Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion. I will declare the decree: Yahuah has said unto me, You are my Son; this day have I begotten you. Ask of me, and I shall give you the heathen for your inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for your possession. You shals break them with a rod of iron; you shall dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel. Be wise now therefore, O you kings: be instructed, you judges of the earth. Serve Yahuah with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and you perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.”
Psalm 2:6-12


Herod knew what this king was prophesied to do.


The Promised Child Attempted To Be Slain

When Herod the king had heard these things, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him. And when he had gathered all the chief priests and scribes of the people together, he demanded of them where Messiah should be born. And they said unto him, In Bethlehem of Judaea: for thus it is written by the prophet,

And you Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, are not the least among the princes of Judah: for out of you shall come a Governor, that shall rule my people Israel. Then Herod, when he had privily called the wise men, inquired of them diligently what time the star appeared. And he sent them to Bethlehem, and said, Go and search diligently for the young child; and when ye have found him, bring me word again, that I may come and worship him also.

Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently inquired of the wise men.
Matthew 2:3-8, 16

Sometimes in our generation, we need visuals to grasp the severity of what has happened and once again this very day.  This 3 min clip may not be suitable for young children, as we will perhaps see a small glimpse of what happened 2,000 years ago.



Are you starting to see a pattern yet?


While the enemy attempts to rule in fear, it is they who are fearful. Terrified actually, of Yahuah and his chosen. Fainthearted of prophecy and the ones to come. Remember that. Brothers and sisters, as we are about to show you, this type of murder is happening right now, but with great subtlety.




I find it interesting that I began to compile this study on 9/23/2021. 4 years ago, I believe this generation was ‘born’. Well, at least the sign of this generation was revealed in the heavens, as we’ll mention in a moment.


I believe our generation was spoken about all throughout the Word, and I’ll share but a few examples. We all know that every man/woman has an appointment with death. Yet, there is a generation prophesied to never have to meet that end. This generation would ‘declare’ the name of Yahuah.


This shall be written for the generation to come: and the people which shall be created shall praise Yahuah. For he has looked down from the height of his sanctuary; from heaven did Yahuah behold the earth; To hear the groaning of the prisoner; to loose those that are appointed to death; To declare the name of Yahuah in Zion, and his praise in Jerusalem;”
Psalm 102:17-21

There is a generation waking up from slumber, walking in and proclaiming the name of Yahuah as it hasn’t been seen for many generations. This teaching, that a certain generation won’t ‘sleep’ isn’t anything new.


“Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.”
1 Corinthians 15:51-52


For this we say unto you by the Word of Yahuah, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Master shall not prevent them which are asleep. For the Master himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of Elohim: and the dead in Messiah shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Master in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Master. Wherefore comfort one another with these words.”
1 Thessalonians 4:15-18



Now, let’s take a look at the prophecy from Enoch concerning the generations of the world, from start to finish. In this prophecy, I believe we will be able to accurately pinpoint where we are in time, and who we are. Before we read the passages below, in week 6, we see the death and ascension of Messiah Yahusha, and the final dispersion of the tribes of Israel (70ad).

“And after that in the sixth week all who live in it shall be blinded (Pharisaical rule), And the hearts of all of them shall godlessly forsake wisdom. And in it a man shall ascend (Yahusha); And at its close the house of dominion shall be burnt with fire, And the whole race of the chosen root shall be dispersed.” (70ad)
Enoch 93:8

“And after that in the seventh week shall an apostate generation arise, And many shall be its deeds, And all its deeds shall be apostate. And at its close shall be elected The elect righteous of the eternal plant of righteousness, To receive seven fold instruction concerning all His creation.”
Enoch 93:9-10



I do believe that we have arrived at the end of the seventh week, where people are being selected from the seed of Abraham (eternal plant of righteousness) and receiving seven fold instructions concerning his creation, his true son (not the antichrist), the Truth, all of it. A people coming back to the Torah of Elohim — his true service. This ‘week’ (seven days) helps us understand a puzzling passage in 2nd Esdras that many have shrugged at.

For my son the Messiah shall be revealed with those who are with him, and those who remain shall rejoice within four hundred years. And after these years my son the Messiah shall die, and all men who have life. And the world shall be turned back to the old silence for seven days, as it was at the first beginnings; so that no one shall be left.”
2 Esdras 7:28-30

What Ezra is being told is the very same thing that Enoch was shown. After Messiah’s death, the world would be in silence for seven days (a week) and those that had life (walked in the Truth, according to the Torah) would no longer remain for that period of time. As we see, this is exactly how things unfolded over the years.


“And after that there shall be another, the eighth week, that of righteousness, And a sword shall be given to it that a righteous judgement may be executed on the oppressors, And sinners shall be delivered into the hands of the righteous.”
Enoch 93:11-12

Brothers and sisters, I do believe with all my heart, that we are that generation that crosses over from the 7th week to the 8th. According to Enoch, our generation will be given a sword to destroy the wicked, a very similar promise given to Abraham, Moses and Messiah Yahusha.

And the remnant of Jacob shall be in the midst of many people as a dew from Yahuah, as the showers upon the grass, that tarries not for man, nor waits for the sons of men. And the remnant of Jacob shall be among the Nations in the midst of many people as a lion among the beasts of the forest, as a young lion among the flocks of sheep: who, if he go through, both treads down, and tears in pieces, and none can deliver. Your hand shall be lifted up upon your adversaries, and all your enemies shall be cut off.”
Micah 5:7-9

Satan knows scripture better than many believers. He know the times we are in and the prophesied generation that is waking up.

“Before the age of justice starts to grow, my judgment will come upon the nations who have acted wickedly through the people


I believe we are that generation that will be given the sword. Brothers and sisters, Pharaoh and all of Egypt being afraid of the Israelites is and was a foreshadow of our time. The rulers of this world aren’t killing for sport, they know.

There are many more prophetic verses to share about this generation, but we will solidify it with this concept. The fig tree generation spoken of by Yahusha, tells of the remnant in the last days bearing fruit. We know this fruit is the return to and the keeping of the Torah.

Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is nigh: So likewise you, when you shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.”
Matthew 24:32-34




Surely, it is the work of Yahuah that a generation is rising up and beginning to bring forth the fruit he desires from man.


Here’s a passage from a book called The Apocalypse of Peter, confirming the understanding regarding the fig tree generation:

“And ye, take ye the likeness thereof (learn a parable) from the fig-tree: so soon as the shoot thereof is come forth and the branches grown, the end of the world shall come.

And I, Peter, answered and said unto him: Interpret unto me concerning the fig-tree, whereby we shall perceive it; for throughout all its days does the fig-tree send forth shoots, and every year it brings forth its fruit for its master. What then means the parable of the fig-tree? We know it not.

And the Master (Adon) answered and said unto me: Do you not understand that the fig-tree is the house of Israel? Even as a man that planted a fig-tree in his garden, and it brought forth no fruit. And he sought the fruit thereof many years and when he found it not, he said to the keeper of his garden: Root up this fig-tree that it make not our ground to be unfruitful. And the gardener said unto Elohim: (Suffer us) to rid it of weeds and dig the ground round about it and water it. If then it bear not fruit, we will straightway remove its roots out of the garden and plant another in place of it. Have you not understood that the fig-tree is the house of Israel? Verily I say unto thee, when the branches thereof have sprouted forth in the last days…”
Apocalypse of Peter, Ethiopic Text


Some of you may not acknowledge the Apocalypse of Peter as legitimate, but even so, this still is exactly what Master Yahusha taught. “This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled

This is for our generation, not in the future.

I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. Every branch in me that bears not fruit he takes away: and every branch that bears fruit, he purges it, that it may bring forth more fruit.

Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you. Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abides in me, and I in him, the same brings forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.

If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples. As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love. If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love. These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.
John 15:1-11

There is an amazing movement of Yahuah’s people returning back to the truth in these last days. As per the prophecy, the next thing to happen would be the regathering and 1st resurrection.

And it shall come to pass, when all these things are come upon thee, the blessing and the curse, which I have set before you, and you shall call them to mind among all the nations, where Yahuah your Elohim has driven you, And shall return unto Yahuah your Elohim, and shall obey his voice according to all that I command thee this day, you and your children, with all your heart, and with all your soul;

That then Yahuah your Elohim will turn your captivity, and have compassion upon you, and will return and gather you from all the nations, whither Yahuah your Elohim has scattered you. If any of yours be driven out unto the utmost parts of heaven, from there will Yahuah your Elohim gather you, and from there will he fetch you: And Yahuah your Elohim will bring you into the land which your fathers possessed, and you shall possess it; and he will do you good, and multiply you above your fathers.”
Deuteronomy 30:1-5


End Times Generation Born With A Sign

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.”
Revelation 12:1-2

For more on this sign, please see these references:



And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto Elohim, and to his throne.”
Revelation 12:5

While Yahuah has had a remnant throughout history, this massive awakening to Torah started slowly in 2009, with another small wave in 2015. However, the largest portions have been from September 2017 and forward.

A voice of noise from the city, a voice from the temple, a voice of Yahuah that renders recompense to his enemies. Before she travailed, she brought forth; before her pain came, she was delivered of a man child. Who has heard such a thing? who has seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? or shall a nation be born at once? for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children. Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? says Yahuah: shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb? saith your Elohim.

“Rejoice ye with Jerusalem, and be glad with her, all ye that love her: rejoice for joy with her, all ye that mourn for her: That ye may suck, and be satisfied with the breasts of her consolations; that ye may milk out, and be delighted with the abundance of her glory. For thus says Yahuah, Behold, I will extend peace to her like a river, and the glory of the nations like a flowing stream: then shall ye suck, ye shall be borne upon her sides, and be dandled upon her knees. As one whom his mother comforts, so will I comfort you; and ye shall be comforted in Jerusalem. And when ye see this, your heart shall rejoice, and your bones shall flourish like an herb: and the hand of Yahuah shall be known toward his servants, and his indignation toward his enemies.”
Isaiah 66:7-14


We are the promised children to come.


A seed shall serve him; it shall be accounted to Yahuah for a generation. They shall come, and shall declare his righteousness unto a people that shall be born, that he has done this.”
Psalm 22:30-31

Here’s my personal favorite; showing clearly where we are in time.

“And in those days, if a man live a jubilee and a-half of years (75), they shall say regarding him: ‘He has lived long, and the greater part of his days are pain and sorrow and tribulation, and there is no peace:

For calamity follows on calamity, and wound on wound, and tribulation on tribulation, and evil tidings on evil tidings, and illness on illness, and all evil judgments such as these, one with another, illness and overthrow, and snow and frost and ice, and fever, and chills, and torpor, and famine, and death, and sword, and captivity, and all kinds of calamities and pains.

And all these shall come on an evil generation, which transgresses on the earth: their works are uncleanness and fornication, and pollution and abominations.

And in that generation the sons shall convict their fathers and their elders of sin and unrighteousness, and of the words of their mouth and the great wickednesses which they perpetrate, and concerning their forsaking the covenant which Yahuah made between them and Him, that they should observe and do all His commandments and His ordinances and all His laws, without departing either to the right hand or the left.

And in those days the children shall begin to study the laws,
And to seek the commandments,
And to return to the path of righteousness.
Jubilees 23:12-14,16 & 26

Then of course, the gift given to this generation:

“And the days shall begin to grow many and increase amongst those children of men
Till their days draw nigh to one thousand years.
And to a greater number of years than (before) was the number of the days.

And there shall be no old man
Nor one who is <not> satisfied with his days,
For all shall be (as) children and youths.

And all their days they shall complete and live in peace and in joy,
And there shall be no Satan nor any evil destroyer;
For all their days shall be days of blessing and healing.

And at that time Yahuah will heal His servants,
And they shall rise up and see great peace,
And drive out their adversaries.

And the righteous shall see and be thankful,
And rejoice with joy for ever and ever,
And shall see all their judgments and all their curses on their enemies.

And their bones shall rest in the earth,
And their spirits shall have much joy,
And they shall know that it is Yahuah who executes judgment,
And shows mercy to hundreds and thousands and to all that love Him”
Jubilees 23:27-31

This, of course is none other than the Millennial reign, yet to come.


End Times Generation Attempted To Be Slain

And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.”
Revelation 12:3-4

I’m here to say brothers and sisters, I believe this passage has been misinterpreted over the centuries. This is not talking about Satan drawing away a third of the angels, that rebellion happened thousands of years ago. No, I believe this is talking about drawing away a third of the true believers in the end times. Leading astray a third of the generation that has been born these past few years. The situation with Abraham, Moses and especially with Yahusha, is an exact prototype of what’s happening now. Nimrod, Pharaoh and Herod were all shadows of what Satan would do in the last days.

And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth

We must establish who are ‘the stars’ are.


“And I saw other lightnings and the stars of heaven, and I saw how He called them all by their names and they hearkened unto Him.  And I saw how they are weighed in a righteous balance according to their proportions of light: (I saw) the width of their spaces and the day of their appearing, and how their revolution produces lightning: and (I saw) their revolution according to the number of the angels, and (how) they keep faith with each other. And I asked the angel who went with me who showed me what was hidden: ‘What are these?’ (the stars). And he said to me: ‘Yahuah Tseba’ot hath showed thee their parabolic meaning: these are the names of the holy who dwell on the earth and believe in the name of Yahuah Tseba’ot for ever and ever.
Enoch 43

We see another example in Daniel 8:

Therefore the he goat waxed very great: and when he was strong, the great horn was broken; and for it came up four notable ones toward the four winds of heaven. And out of one of them came forth a little horn, which waxed exceeding great, toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the pleasant land. And it waxed great, even to the host of heaven; and it cast down some of the host and of the stars to the ground, and stamped upon them.”
Daniel 8:8-10

History records, that Antiochus Epiphanes didn’t go up into the firmament and kill some of the stars above, no, this of course is a parable. He killed many of Yahuah’s righteous people (alongside the wicked). Satan will draw a third of the children who have been woken to the truth in these last days. This is equivalent to death. Keep a healthy fear of Yahuah brothers and sisters, this is not a game.

I had a dream a few weeks ago that I’d like to share.  There was a field with many believers standing around (perhaps idle), and these crocodile/snake-like creatures were coming up to them, stunning them, swallowing them whole and dissolving them.

– I would liken the stunning to distractions, and luring people into unbelief, addictions, lusts and other roads that lead to destruction. A few weeks ago, we discussed how to keep away from Satan’s attempts to ‘spoil our house’.



All that happened before, were foreshadows of what was to come in these last days. The End Times generation has been prophesied all throughout the scriptures and Satan knows it.

Here’s where things get interesting and relevant to our times.


This past week, during my study for the Torah portion (Week 51 Nitzavim), I glanced at last years notes and noticed I had a link for 2nd Baruch chapter 23, which began this whole study. Prior to this, I had just gotten off the phone with another brother in Torah, who had lost a child in miscarriage. It really broke my heart, and I was starting to wonder why we are seeing so many instances like this, even in the believing community. This study became the ‘why’, that Yahuah answered us with (in my opinion). So for the many of you who have lost a child through miscarriage lately, this is for you, and I hope the ‘why’ may give you some peace.


Here’s the Torah passage that began this journey of a study:


Neither with you only do I cut this covenant and this oath; But with him that stands here with us this day before YAHUAH ELOHAYNU, and also with him that is not here with us this day:”
Deuteronomy 29:14-15

That’s us in the Torah! We know that Yahuah sees the end from the beginning, therefore he sees all who will eventually be born, even us! This is where 2nd Baruch 23 comes in. In chapter 21, Baruch is lamenting for the wickedness of the world, death and other woes (like many of us are doing now). Then in chapter 22, we see Yahuah answering. But in chapter 23, we see something very peculiar that caught my attention.


When reading this passage, it was as if I instantly saw what was happening today, relating with the past. My face was numb, I didn’t move and tears were streaming down my face. I started searching and typing. I give Yahuah all praise through Yahusha if this ‘revelation’ is truly from him.

“1 And I answered and said: Not so, O Yahuah, my Adonai.’ 2 And He answered and said unto me: ‘Why therefore are you troubled about that which you know not, and why are you ill at ease about things in which you are ignorant? 3 For as you have not forgotten the people who now are, and those who have passed away, so I remember those who are appointed to come. 4 Because when Adam sinned and death was decreed against those who should be born, then the multitude of those who should be born was numbered, and for that number a place was prepared where the living might dwell and the dead might be guarded. Before therefore the number aforesaid is fulfilled, the creature will not live again [for My spirit is the creator of life], and Sheol will receive the dead”
2nd Baruch 23:1-6

Did you catch that??  (Before therefore the number aforesaid is fulfilled, the creature will not live again)

The resurrection (the end) cannot come until the number of children who are to be born, are born.


Let’s read it again.

“Because when Adam sinned and death was decreed against those who should be born, then the multitude of those who should be born was numbered, and for that number a place was prepared where the living might dwell and the dead might be guarded. Before therefore the number aforesaid is fulfilled, the creature will not live again

This is the same story over and over again. The enemy knows of the promised child (children in this case), and attempts to destroy them. This, I believe is the whole reason behind the jab and the virus (or parasite). Not because it’s the mark, but because of the attack on the womb. This, is the modern day version of Pharaoh throwing babies into the Nile river. This is the current day version of Herod killing the babies — because we know life begins at conception.

Satan believes that if he slows the multiplication of children being born, he slows down the end of his kingdom, and is attempting to avert prophecy.

We have seen a huge uptick in miscarriages and infertility, even within the believing community. Even if if you don’t get the V, you can still be affected by the ‘shedding’. This pre-planned V and virus (or parasite) has a hidden agenda of leaving women barren, or even at the minimum, it makes it much harder to conceive. Even with conception, we are seeing a massive spike in miscarriages. Satan is doing everything he can to delay the end times. What really blew my mind, was the last verse in 2 Baruch 22, leading up to this.

Or a woman who has conceived, if she bring forth untimely, does she not assuredly slay her infant?”
2nd Baruch 22:7


That, is a miscarriage.

Even aside from the current war. He’s been highly successful in this campaign via the homosexual agenda, all previous and current V’s (gardasil as an example), gmo’s, chemtrails and many other avenues of stalling or harming reproduction. Think China and the maximum 2 child limit.

Think the whole abortion movement. As he does on many fronts, he seeks to undermine the very mind of Elohim. Ponder the commandment given to Noah and his children after the flood.


“And Elohim blessed Noah and his sons, and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth.”
Genesis 9:1



The number of your children, whom you desired, is full; beseech Yahuah’s power that your people, who have been called from the beginning, may be made holy.”
2 Esdras 2:41


As we saw in 2nd Baruch, there is a number that is to be reached before the end. We will go over a few more examples.


Then I answered and said, “How long and when will these things be? Why are our years few and evil?” He answered me and said, “You do not hasten faster than the Most High, for your haste is for yourself, but the Highest hastens on behalf of many. Did not the souls of the righteous in their chambers ask about these matters, saying, ‘How long are we to remain here? And when will come the harvest of our reward?’  And Uriel the archangel answered them and said, ‘When the number of those like yourselves is completed; for he has weighed the age in the balance, and measured the times by measure, and numbered the times by number; and he will not move or arouse them until that measure is fulfilled.”
2 Esdras 4:33-37


The end will not come until each child that is to be born, is born. This, is the hidden war my brothers and sisters, and why many are losing their babies at this time, or unable to even conceive. Gird up your loins and trust in Yahuah no matter what, as we are that generation that hastens the end times’ to come.

“Before the age of the righteous begins to grow, my judgment shall come upon the lawless peoples through the-people of your seed who have been separated unto me. And in those -days I will bring upon all creatures of the earth ten plagues, through misfortune and disease and the sighing of their grief. And this shall be brought upon the generations of men on account of the provocation and the corruption of mankind, whereby they provoke me. And then shall righteous men of your seed survive in the number which is kept secret by me (144,000 IMO), and will hasten the coming of the glory of My Name to that place prepared beforehand for them, which you saw devastated in the picture. And they shall live and be established by sacrifices of righteousness in the age of the righteous, and they shall rejoice in me continually, and receive those who return to me in repentance, for great shall be the inner torment of those who have despitefully used them in this world, as they observe the honor placed upon my own in the day of glory.”
Apocalypse of Abraham 57



“There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews: The same came to Yahusha by night, and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher come from Elohim: for no man can do these miracles that you do, except Elohim be with him.

Yahusha answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of Elohim. Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother’s womb, and be born? Yahusha answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of Elohim. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.”
John 3:1-7


This ‘number’ to be fulfilled in my opinion, is both literal and figurative. Physical and spiritual.

Take again your full number, O Zion, and conclude the list of your people who are clothed in white, who have fulfilled the Torah of Yahuah. The number of your children, whom you desired, is full; beseech Yahuah’s power that your people, who have been called from the beginning, may be made holy.”
2 Esdras 2:40-41


In my opinion, this means both children born and true converts to the Way of Yahuah, through his son Yahusha.



Going back to the 2 Esdras 4 passage we read earlier, let’s continue.

Did not the souls of the righteous in their chambers ask about these matters, saying, ‘How long are we to remain here? And when will come the harvest of our reward?’  And Uriel the archangel answered them and said, ‘When the number of those like yourselves is completed; for he has weighed the age in the balance, and measured the times by measure, and numbered the times by number; and he will not move or arouse them until that measure is fulfilled.’

Then I answered and said, “O sovereign Adon, but all of us also are full of ungodliness. And it is perhaps on account of us that the time of threshing is delayed for the righteous—on account of the sins of those who dwell on earth.” He answered me and said, “Go and ask a woman who is with child if, when her nine months have been completed, her womb can keep the child within her any longer.”

And I said, “No, Adon, it cannot.” And he said to me, “In Hades (Sheol) the chambers of the souls are like the womb. For just as a woman who is in travail makes haste to escape the pangs of birth, so also do these places hasten to give back those things that were committed to them from the beginning. Then the things that you desire to see will be disclosed to you.”
2 Esdras 4:35-43


It is very possible that this ‘number’ to be fulfilled is the offering up of the righteous, aka — martyrs. This could mean that there are many of us to be martyred, or these babies are that very offering.

And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the Word of Elohim, and for the testimony which they held:  And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Master, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.”
Revelation 6:9-11

Enoch states something similar.

IN that day the prayer of the holy and the righteous, and the blood of the righteous, shall ascend from the earth into the presence of Yahuah Tseva’oth. In that day shall the holy ones assemble, who dwell above the heavens, and with united voice petition, supplicate, praise, laud, and bless the name of Yahuah Tseva’oth, on account of the blood of the righteous which has been shed; that the prayer of the righteous may not be intermitted before Yahuah Tseva’oth; that for them he would execute judgment; and that his patience may not endure forever. At that time I beheld the Ancient of Days, while he sat upon the throne of his glory. The cepher of the living was opened in his presence, and all the powers which were above the heavens stood around and before him. Then were the hearts of the qodeshiym full of joy, because the consummation of righteousness was arrived, the supplication of the qodeshiym heard, and the blood of the righteous appreciated by Yahuah Tseva’oth.


Regardless of what happens, we trust in him.


“Mother, embrace your sons; bring them up with gladness, as does the dove; establish their feet, because I have chosen you, says Yahuah. And I will raise up the dead from their places, and will bring them out from their tombs, because I recognize my name in them. Do not fear, mother of the sons, for I have chosen you, says Yahuah.

Pause and be quiet, my people, because your rest will come. Good nurse, nourish your sons, and strengthen their feet. Not one of the servants whom I have given you will perish, for I will require them from among your number. Do not be anxious, for when the day of tribulation and anguish comes, others shall weep and be sorrowful, but you shall rejoice and have abundance. The nations shall envy you but they shall not be able to do anything against you, says Yahuah. My hands will cover you, that your sons may not see Gehenna. Rejoice, O mother, with your sons, because I will deliver you, says Yahuah. Remember your sons that sleep, because I will bring them out of the hiding places of the earth, and will show mercy to them; for I am merciful, says El Shaddai. Embrace your children until I come, and proclaim mercy to them; because my springs run over, and my grace will not fail.”
2 Esdras 2:15-17, 24-32




Jacob went into Egypt because of a ‘famine’ of bread. There, his family of 70 turned into a massive multitude, that Egypt was built upon. Thousands of years later, the 10 tribes left Europe due to a famine of the word. Those same tribes of Israel (by the hand of Yahuah) built up Amerigypt to it’s top status today. The pattern is uncanny.


And as for your seeing him gather to himself another multitude that was peaceable, these are the ten tribes which were led away from their own land into captivity in the days of King Hoshe′a, whom Shalmane′ser the king of the Assyrians led captive; he took them across the river, and they were taken into another land. But they formed this plan for themselves, that they would leave the multitude of the nations and go to a more distant region, where mankind had never lived, that there at least they might keep their statutes which they had not kept in their own land. And they went in by the narrow passages of the Euphra′tes river. For at that time the Most High performed signs for them, and stopped the channels of the river until they had passed over. Through that region there was a long way to go, a journey of a year and a half; and that country is called Arzareth. “Then they dwelt there until the last times; and now, when they are about to come again.”
2 Esdras 13:39-46

These events are cyclical

Behold, my people is led like a flock to the slaughter; I will not allow them to live any longer in the land of Egypt, but I will bring them out with a mighty hand and with an uplifted arm, and will smite Egypt with plagues, as before, and will destroy all its land.” Let Egypt mourn, and its foundations, for the plague of chastisement and punishment that Yahuah will bring upon it.”
2 Esdras 15:10-12

The ‘rulers’ of Egypt feared how the people had multiplied and wanted to reduce the population by killing the babies.  Eugenics is happening again today brothers and sisters, truly, nothing new under the sun.



As we mentioned before, Miriam, Jochebed and Amram had to act wisely when protecting Moses. Likewise Joseph and Mary had to go down to Egypt to avoid the slaughter. We must also act with cunning.

“Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”
Matthew 10:16


We have to realize they are after our children and the wombs of our wives. We must trust in Yahuah, while also taking precautions. This is what all the righteous before us have done (read Hebrews 11: Known as the hall of faith). We will leave many links for you to do your own research as to how the V (jab) and the virus (parasite) are the weapons of the modern day warfare. On top of this, there will be a follow up (part 2) going over all the other agendas and how to best protect your current children, and children to be, because I do not believe we need to be scared about getting pregnant, but trusting in Yahuah, and acting with wisdom. Part 2 will be conducted by brother Josh Truex and the Temple Maintenance series in a few days. If you’re not familiar with this, you can always take a look at the playlist section and find the Temple Maintenance.

In this video to come, Josh will be covering the many other angles to this War, outside of the V (jab) and virus (parasite).


Linking c0v!d and the V to infertility/miscarriages

Infertility Risks Of COVID-19 Injections, Spike Protein Shedding & Pfizer Is Self-Amplifying

Miscarriages skyrocket 366% in six weeks due to Covid vaccines


MISCARRIAGES increasing in VAERS data at alarming rate

Many more links:


Perhaps we can better understand this passage now.

“And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day: For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.
Matthew 24:19-22


But this is not a time to fear, nor stop having children, just as the Israelite’s continued to multiply after Pharaoh decreed death upon them. We cannot stop what Yahuah has called us to do, just because the enemy is attacking.


“At the same time, says Yahuah, will I be the Elohim of all the families of Israel, and they shall be my people. Thus says Yahuah, The people which were left of the sword found grace in the wilderness; even Israel, when I went to cause him to rest. Yahuah has appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved you with an everlasting love: therefore with loving kindness have I drawn you.

Again I will build you, and you shall be built, O virgin of Israel: you shall again be adorned with your tabrets, and shalt go forth in the dances of them that make merry. You shall yet plant vines upon the mountains of Samaria: the planters shall plant, and shall eat them as common things. For there shall be a day, that the watchmen upon the mount Ephraim shall cry, Arise ye, and let us go up to Zion unto Yahuah our Elohim.

For thus says Yahuah; Sing with gladness for Jacob, and shout among the chief of the nations: publish ye, praise ye, and say, O Yahuah, save your people, the remnant of Israel. Behold, I will bring them from the north country, and gather them from the coasts of the earth, and with them the blind and the lame, the woman with child and her that travails with child together: a great company shall return there. They shall come with weeping, and with supplications will I lead them: I will cause them to walk by the rivers of waters in a straight way, wherein they shall not stumble: for I am a father to Israel, and Ephraim is my firstborn.

Hear the Word of Yahuah, O ye nations, and declare it in the isles afar off, and say, He that scattered Israel will gather him, and keep him, as a shepherd doth his flock.For Yahuah has redeemed Jacob, and ransomed him from the hand of him that was stronger than he. Therefore they shall come and sing in the height of Zion, and shall flow together to the goodness of Yahuah, for wheat, and for wine, and for oil, and for the young of the flock and of the herd: and their soul shall be as a watered garden; and they shall not sorrow any more at all.

Then shall the virgin rejoice in the dance, both young men and old together: for I will turn their mourning into joy, and will comfort them, and make them rejoice from their sorrow. And I will satiate the soul of the priests with fatness, and my people shall be satisfied with my goodness, says Yahuah.

Thus says Yahuah; A voice was heard in Ramah, lamentation, and bitter weeping; Rahel weeping for her children refused to be comforted for her children, because they were not. Thus says Yahuah; Refrain your voice from weeping, and your eyes from tears: for your work shall be rewarded, says Yahuah; and they shall come again from the land of the enemy.
Jeremiah 31:1-16


May Yahuah be with us and protect us and our children. Now go out there and multiply, both in the womb and in conversions by preaching the good news, and being the light — hastening the end to come.


But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew. And they were grieved because of the children of Israel.”
Exodus 1:12

They will be very grieved in due time, as we serve the Living Elohim.


Yahuah bless you and keep you,
Yahuah make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you,
Yahuah lift up his countenance upon you, and give you Shalom (peace).

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