The Emptiness inside…

They say we are living on a rock hurling through space at break neck speeds in a vast, vacuum ‘space’ of emptiness. A population of people who are of no importance or significance, given that there are millions, if not billions of other ‘planets’ with other life forms. I am really nothing but star dust?

Because of this ‘fact’, there is no God, nor do we have any need to follow the laws of this God who came and gave his life for us. In fact, it’s trendy to mock his ways, to change the very basics of nature. Men have become women and women, men. Men marry men and women marry women, even children are encouraged to consider that they were mistakenly born the wrong gender; all the while singing, “I was born this way.” Yet, though born this way, we are encouraged to chop off our body parts, and attach outrageous ones, to put our restless minds at ease, though finding out that our problems still linger afterwards, never answering the deeper question of; why do I feel this emptiness that can never be filled? No, not with money, nor the things it buys, the emptiness remains.

A new relationship, yes, that will do it, though it never rids the enduring problem, why? Maybe that new car will do it, or that new apartment, or home; maybe when I get that college degree, or when I get that promotion it will go away. Yet that good feeling never lasts, they are just like band-aids.

Since morality is subjective, blind souls scream from the rooftops, “my body, my choice”. More simply stated, let me kill this baby in my belly, and don’t try to make me feel a certain way for doing it. Even if it is my body and my choice, this somehow doesn’t apply to needles filled with poison. Speaking of poison, we feel the water supply is a great place to dump industrial wastes such as fluoride — why not, the Nazi’s did it, and, we need to keep the number one industry going with sick patients.

That’s right, these hospitals continue to be filled with us who either unknowingly, or simply could care less that we shovel toxins and outright abominations into our mouth. Food, if you can call it that; genetically altered in a lab, and meats that the God we have thrown out told them not to consume, become an onslaught against our bodies. Yet, we want to blame him for cancer and death. Ah, the emptiness is still there. Why? Maybe I’ll just go back to my video games, at least I’m somebody there.

We seek to fill that void with sports, parties, sex, mindless television, movies and even music that reinforce our ways; after all, yolo right? We turn to our phones, computers, tablets to fulfill the lusts in our minds — what will be my flavor today? Why do I feel disgusting afterwards, yet I can’t stop? When will this madness end? Perhaps if I wear double masks, then I’ll be safe. Perchance my problems will subside with anti-depressants, or alcohol, or maybe I can just end it myself — after all, we are just a cancer to this earth, or am I? Who, or what am I?

Help me oh God that I’ve forsaken all my life. This can’t be right. War, and hunger and sickness and rape and murder and thefts and all sorts of evils? Why do a handful of families own 70% of the world’s wealth and control all governments? Why does it seem as though even the churches are filled with hypocrisy, lies and deceit; void of your you? Why has this world became a conveyor belt of: learn, work, obey, consume and die? Why does it feel like I’m in a prison without walls? It’s because I am.

I look around at nature and this can’t be random. I notice the sun, it comes around every day, and the moon keeps its phases perfectly. Oh the stars; the constellations have never broken form, no not once, how does this happen if we are spinning all over the place? Spring, summer, fall, winter, it all repeats perfectly. The trees shed their leaves, and come back again every year. How can this be? They say we came from monkeys, yet there are still monkeys. I don’t trust what they taught me anymore. I will turn to you, you who made this world in six days, and rested on the seventh, just as your word says.

Though this earth is beautiful, those who rule it and it’s subjects are completely mad. I want out, I don’t want any part of it anymore. Help me, help me to remove this emptiness, for I now know only you can fill this void, only you can fill the hole in my soul, oh my God. Thank you for sending your son the messiah, thank you for forgiving me for partaking in the ways of the world. Now I set my heart upon you and your path. Though you slay me, I will worship only you. I will repent, I will be baptized, I will walk in a newness of life, according to your commandments — the way of life. Help me to be a light to the world and wake up the others who are still asleep and immersed in death as I once was.

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