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Psalm 50

he righteous will say on the great day of judgment, “Our God will come, and he will not neglect to vindicate his people”; fire will blaze before him, and around him a storm will rage mightily.

  1. He will call to the angels of the height above, and to the righteous of the earth below, to extend judgment to his people.
  2. Gather to me, my pious ones, who have made my covenant, and fulfilled my Torah, and have engaged in prayer, which is likened to a sacrifice.
  3. And the angels of the height will recount his righteousness, for God is the judge forever.
  4. Hear, O my people, and I will speak, O Israel; and I will testify to you; I am God, your God.
  5. I am not rebuking you on account of your sacrifices that you did not offer before me in exile, for your holocausts that your fathers offered are in front of me always.
  6. From the day that my sanctuary was laid waste, I have not accepted a bull from your hands, or rams from your flock.
  7. For mine are all the animals of the forest, and I have prepared for the righteous in the Garden of Eden clean beasts and a wild bull who grazes[63] every day on a thousand mountains.
  8. Manifest before me are all the kinds[64] of birds who fly in the air of heaven;[65] and the rooster whose legs rest on the earth, while his head reaches to heaven, rejoicing before me.
  9. If the time of the continual morning sacrifice should arrive, I would not tell you; for mine is the earth and its fullness.
  10. From the day my sanctuary was laid waste, I have not accepted the flesh of the sacrifice of fatlings, and the priests have not sprinkled the blood of rams before me.
  11. Subdue the evil impulse and it will be reckoned before the Lord as a sacrifice of thanksgiving; and pay to the Most High your vows


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