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Passover 2020: How To

With all that is happening in the world right now; it’s truly a reminder that we are not home and not able to live in total freedom in the Most Highs ways, but subservient to the ruling powers of Egypt as it was many years ago.  Yes, just as it was of old time, the children of Israel lived within the borders of the world financial and military power, so, it is the same today, also knowing our redeemer and exodus is nigh at hand. While many of us grew up contrary to Yahuah’s ways, committing adultery with him by celebrating the holidays of the world; he has woken up a remnant that is coming out of her and desiring to keep his commandments, statues, laws and judgements; his Torah – instructions for life. With this path (the straight and narrow one) we come to his Qodesh (holy) Feast days, his Moedim, translated as ‘appointments’ and aside from the Sabbath, the Passover seems to be one of the most important; a day that symbolizes obedience to his word/command and the sacrifice of the spotless lamb, our Messiah, Yahusha Ha’Mashiach. By his blood are we forgiven, healed, redeemed from sin and hidden from the plagues to come, as it is written, “And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt” (Exo 12:13) Very important for our times.

So, let’s dive in and take a look at what we need to know about this Set-Apart day and how to memorialize it. We will be discussing why, how, when and many other angles to this most Set Apart Day! PRAYER! SHOFAR!


This Day is for the Children of Yasharel (Israel) Let’s establish by the Word, who they are today.


I grew up Jewish with many traditions for Passover, and some of you may have been celebrating Passover for a few years now and may be doing it with added traditions (so have I) but this year, I’m shedding those and keeping it as close to scripture dictates as possible. Considering we are like the Israelites in Egypt in captivity, I’ll be celebrating it like they did, before the Exodus.


Leviticus 23:1-9



I believe this is the day we are waiting for (just like it was in ancient days)



Read Exo 12-13 (I’m going to do this at the service)


Men, read Lev 23:1-9, Exodus 12 and 13 as part of the memorial. Alone? Read it aloud!


12:6 – Evening on Apr 8th for me (there are many calendars we will discuss when and why for me later)


12:8 – This is a command of how to cook it.



  • Bitter herbs
    • Can be like a salad.
  • Most of us do not own livestock, I will be getting a leg at the store.
    • With what is happening in the world, it may not be a bad idea to get it now and freeze, just in case stores shut down or shelves empty.


12:10 – I will be burning leftovers. (if you can’t, you can’t) Let’s remember, we are all newly waking up and doing our best.

12:11 – Loins girded:


12:12 – Righteous is the judgement of Yahuah:


12:13 – Foreshadow of the blood of Messiah Yahusha!


Also, Jasher 80:36-39 (obedience)



12:14 – Forever!


12:15 – Yes, throw out all breads and yeast/baking soda etc…

  • Do NOT eat anything leavened for 7 days, you can do it 😀
  • Also, notice the command is to actually eat it unleavened bread, not just abstain from leavened.


12:16 – Gathering on the first day and 7th

  • Cooking ok!


12:22 – I like doing this with the children but with water, to get them interacted.

  • This is also why this year I want to stay home (probably the next as well)


12:26-27 – It’s always about the children, we must pass on the truth to them:


12:35-36 –



12:43 – I do believe this is a night for set-apart believers, not inviting just anyone. There are many other nights for that.


12:46 – No broken bone:


12:47 – Who is Israel?



Exodus 13:3-4, 6-10, 14-16


(I recommend reading it all at Passover but we will skim for times sake)

13:9 – Action reward; do this and my mark will be on you, just like we saw with Deuteronomy 6 earlier – Interesting it is in the hand and forehead, just like the mark of the beast.  Who’s mark are you carrying?



Jubilees 49


It’s a Sabbath, no work on the 1st and 7th day’s.

Cook the lamb with fire

Bitter Herbs

Unleavened bread

Wine (from Jubilees)

Tell the story of Passover/Read Exo 12-13

Maybe watch an Exodus related movie

Simulate the blood on the doorposts (optional)

Burn the remains of the lamb

Throw out all leaven from your house

Don’t eat leaven for 7 days

Have a gathering on the 7th day


Why Apr 8th:

Moon for Moedim:


Enoch 78:



Song of moshe!!

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