Passover 2021: Why April 27th?



While the world looks forward to it’s holidays, we are getting prepared and excited for our Father’s set-apart feast days! Many of you have asked what day I will be celebrating Passover & the week of Unleavened Bread, so here is a quick reference for when and why.

Here is a link as to how I understand the calendar if you want to more know about the how and why; the inner workings of the calendar I am currently using:


The Jews will not be adding a 13th month this year, but I will be and the reason for this difference can be found in the links above.  Here is a quick graphic as to how I was let to track the correct 13th month calendar addition:

The potential 1st new moon of this year will come on March 14th, but because the Sun has not entered into the 4th gate (Book of Enoch) which is the spring equinox (equator), I will be adding a 13th month. As you can see from the graphic, this method has and will produce a consistent 1092 Day 3 year period:

In three years the days are one thousand and ninety-two days.
Enoch 74:13

With this being established, the correct 1st month will be sighted on the evening of April 13th and therefore the evening of the 14th day of the 1st month will be the evening of April 27th.  The Feast of Unleavened bread will be celebrated that night until the 4th of May. First Fruits will be the evening of the evening of May 1st, to the evening of May 2nd.

Remember the commandment which Yahuah commanded thee concerning the Passover, that thou should celebrate it in its season on the fourteenth of the first month, that thou should kill it before it is evening, and that they should eat it by night on the evening of the fifteenth from the time of the setting of the sun.  (Jubilees 49:1)

Shalom and may Yahuah bless your festival to him!

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