Animal Circles & The Days of Noah

If you have not heard yet, there is a mysterious phenomenon happening around the world that has people asking many questions. Why are sheep and other animals suddenly and collectively walking in circles? Just in case you have not seen or heard about it yet, here’s a quick recap of some of the incidents. At […]

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Books of the Natsarim


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The Testament of Gad

1:1 A copy of the testament of Gad, concerning what he said to his sons in the one hundred twenty-seventh year of his life, saying, 1:2 I was Jacob’s ninth son; among the shepherds, I valiant in keeping the flocks. 1:3 I guarded the flock at night, and when the lion came, the wolf, the […]

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Protected: 12/3/22 Shabbat Message Notes

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Torah Portion Week 6 Toldot Study Notes

Torah Portion Week 6 – 22-23 Toldot – “generations” or “descendants”25:19 – 28:9 25) 25:21 – Rebekah was barren (Read Jasher 25:28-26:8) 25:23 – Read Jasher 26:9-12 25:25 – Targums 25:26-27 – The name Jacob – 25:28 – Not judging Isaac, but what is this all about? 25:34 – Read Jasher part 27:1-16 […]

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