Book of Isaiah: Masoretic & Aramaic Targums

Shalom brothers and sisters.  I wanted to leave this here as a resource for you to take a look at some of the differences between the Masoretic text (KJV, ESV, Cepher, TS-2009 etc…) and the Aramaic Targums. I believe there are many misconceptions regarding the Targums, to which, some mislabel them as being a part of the Talmud, which is incorrect. So far within the research phase, I have found that these are simply Aramaic translations of the same text we read, but with more information that was for whatever reason, cut out. Regardless, I am still testing them and want to share some of the finds along the way.  Here are some major differences found in the Aramaic Book of Isaiah. I will post a few examples and below them will be a download link to all 127 of them. Keep in mind, these are only the major differences; had I posted them all, there would have been 10x as many!

Download all 127 graphics by clicking the link below:
Targum Graphics

Read the Aramaic version of Isaiah here

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