Loving YHWH

Part 2 of Prepping for the Kingdom


  • Last week we introduced the topic of being prepared for the kingdom
    – We focused on loving our neighbor (one another).
  • This week, we will delve into the other greatest commandment, the first.

Matt 22:36-40

What is love? In today’s world the lines are constantly being blurred
The world lies
Love with lip service Matt 15:7-9

Love definition via Merriam Webster

How to love Yah

He first loved us

Do not worship him the way the nations do

The heart of David

Sirach 2

We prove our love by believing in his Word, his son Yahusha who gave up his life for us, by keeping his Torah, his commandments, the way.



Shabuot June 20th sunday
Next week Rotary Park Nixa MO


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