HebrewFest 2024 Check-In, Rules & FAQ

Shalom family, we are excited to praise YHWH with you this year!  We wanted to cover some of the rules, schedules and basic information that may prepare your family for an amazing music festival to YHWH.

We are gathering at Sweet Water Campground owned by Riverfront Canoe in Lebanon, Missouri. Check-in will begin on the 19th of June, at 2pm. Check out will be 10am on June 24th.

HebrewFest Location:
30075 Marigold Dr
Lebanon, MO 65536

(Using this address for gps won’t get you to the entrance. Please use one of the pins below)

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Drop Pins

Click here for the Apple maps pin

Click here for the Google maps pin

These pins will get you approximately 2/10th of a mile from the entrance:

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Look for the big blue sign: Sweet Water Ranch.

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Turn By Turn Directions:

Important:  RVs and Camper Directions below under “RV Directions” to take the safest route without the hairpin turns, SEE BELOW:


From Kansas City:

Take Highway 71 South to Harrisonville.  At Harrisonville, take Highway 7 South through Clinton and on to Warsaw.  At Warsaw, take Highway 65 South to Louisburg.  At Louisburg, take Highway 64 East to Marigold Drive (the first left turn after the Niangua River Bridge).  Stay on Marigold 6/10 of a mile and stay left at split. Continue 4.1 miles and stay left at the next split.  Follow Marigold another 1.8 miles until you reach the Ranch. 

From Saint Louis:

Take I 44 to Lebanon and Highway 64 West to Bennett Springs.  Just before crossing the Niangua River Bridge, turn right on Marigold Drive. Stay on Marigold 6/10 of a mile and stay left at split. Continue 4.1 miles and stay left at the next split.  Follow Marigold another 1.8 miles until you reach the Ranch.

From Branson:

I 44 E to Lebanon and Highway 64 West to Bennett Springs.  Just before crossing the Niangua River Bridge, turn right on Marigold Drive. Stay on Marigold 6/10 of a mile and stay left at split. Continue 4.1 miles and stay left at the next split.  Follow Marigold another 1.8 miles until you reach the Ranch.

Alternate directions BELOW for large campers/RV’s, as the main road has some interesting hairpin turns:

If you absolutely get lost, the number for the main campground (not the one we are staying at) is: 417-588-3386 – Only call if you have to, let’s try not to wear them out.


Turn-By-Turn Directions from Lebanon, MO:

From Highway 64:

  1. Turn NORTH onto AA (see the Dollar General Store in Lebanon, MO in Laclede County).
  2. Go 2 miles
  3. Turn WEST (LEFT) onto WW
  4. Go about 3 miles
  6. Go about 1 mile
  7. Keep LEFT at the fork onto INDUSTRY RD. (dirt road) 

(if you arrive in the Township of Hooker you did not keep left on Industry)

  1. Go about 3 miles
  4. Turn WEST (LEFT) at the SIGN onto a small dirt road (ENTRANCE). 
  5. Go about 1 mile (very careful and slow driving in hairpin turns until you arrive at the campgrounds)


2pm check-in (on the 19th). Please see Victoria at the registration booth, or the white tent as soon as you arrive. For those camping, we will be assigning you to a ‘tribe’ of Israel. We will also be sectioning off the campsite based on tribes, so you will camp near others in your tribe. If you have other parties you’d like to camp with, let us know at check-in, so we can keep you together.


Schedule is subject to change


RV/Camper:  Be prepared with water hose splitters, 50amp to 30amp connectors (or vice versa).

– Most of you who have signed up will be boondocking, as there are only 12 hookups. If you need to run a generator, please try and bring the type that aren’t too loud (inverters).

For those of you who will be staying in tents, there is limited availability for electricity. We will be providing for the elderly and needy first.

There are 5 showers and 5 full restrooms, but there will be many port-a-potty’s throughout the campsite. The main campsite (15-20 min drive) has many more showers (20+) we can use if lines get long.



The main campground (15-20 min away) has some cabins available for an extra charge; Riverfront Camp and Canoe. https://riverfrontcampcanoe.com/


We will be baptizing on the 20th and 22nd.

Shabbat (Sabbath)

We recognize there are many different methods of Sabbath keeping currently throughout the body. We do not make contentions about this, but we do ask for this event only; to keep order within the campground, that this method can be upheld by all. Friday evening (June 21st), at sunset begins the Sabbath, ending on Saturday evening (June 22nd), at sunset.

No buying or selling is allowed during these time periods, so make sure to plan accordingly, especially before you arrive. Shabbat meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be provided free of charge, thanks to YHWH.


On non Shabbat days, booths will be allowed on site. You may buy sell/trade/give away any approved goods (email us in advance for approval).

Other Activities

Bounce house x2 – Requires adult supervision.
Shofar blasting (friendly) competition
Lawn games
Bible Trivia night (tba)


Food will be available for purchase on 6/20-23. 6/22 meals will be complimentary. The beef being used comes from a local family in Torah, raised without any vaccines, grass fed, grass finished and butchered properly. We will also be doing our best to make sure all other ingredients are non-gmo, or organic.

Please bring your own cups, and other ways to store water for your campsite.  The well water at the campground is good to drink, we just need you to bring your own vessel. As always, we encourage you to bring your own reusable dishware, but we will have paper plates and utensils for those who cannot.


Alcohol is allowed on site. Enjoy yourself, but responsibly. If you can’t handle yourself appropriately (become a drunkard), we will warn you, then ask you to leave for a 2nd offense. Keep the bottles in your area – walk around with cups/mugs.


Smoking is not allowed in camp. There will be designated areas outside the camp.


Smoking is not allowed in camp.

Hot Topics

We know there are some ‘hot’ topics of discussion in the Torah community, and healthy sharpening of one another is always welcomed. Please don’t be ‘that guy’ (or gal) that comes to these large gatherings just to argue about your calendar being the only correct one. Likewise many of the other topics; please come to fellowship in love, recognizing this is a music festival to YHWH, and not the time for harsh debates. Matthew 18 is to be followed here. If you have an issue with someone, tell them one on one. If they do not hear you, then bring a tribe leader with you. If they still won’t listen, then it will be brought up before the tribe leaders for dismissal from the gathering. This will be a place of Shalom, not discord. Likewise gossip and slander will not be allowed; one warning then dismissal for gossip and slander, we will not tolerate it, as this behavior breaks shalom and fellowship quicker than anything else.

Firewood  & Ice

There will be firewood a-plenty, thanks to certain strong men in the local fellowship!

Ice will be available on check-in day and other days TBA.

Local Shopping

Major shopping is available within 15 miles of the campsite.

  • Price Cutter (mid priced and decent organic selections)
  • Aldi’s (most of you know about them)
  • Walmart
  • Others

Packing list suggestions

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Plates/bowls/drink ware


Scripturally clean food/drinks for individual use

Water/water filter

Camp stove/grill



Mixing bowls/measuring cups/spoons/serving utensils

Pots/pans/skillets/pot holders/CrockPot

Tupperware/ziplock bags

Ice chest/cooler

Wash bin/soap/sponges/dish cloths

Trash bags
Dish soap
Water jug

Personal care




Essential oils (peppermint)/Bug spray



Ground tarp


Mattress/camping mat/cot/hammock

Sheets/sleeping bag/blankets/pillows


Rugs, broom, etc.

Tent waterproofing spray (camp dry)

Solar ground or rope lights


Lighters, flashlight, headlamp, lantern, batteries

Paracord, duct/electrical tape, carabiner, clothespins

Hatchet, knife, handsaw


First aid kit

Extension cords/power strip
Water Bucket/container
5 gallon bucket with lugaloo lid (for nighttime emergency toilet)


Jacket/coat/raincoat/hats/head coverings

Sandals/boots (rain boots – a must)
Please, modest clothing

– Shorts past finger length

– Avoiding low necklines

Modest swimwear (covering your body), men wear shirts.

Pets (allowed if well behaved)


Leash/ground stake/pin/corral


Waste bags (because it is a campground and there will be a lot of foot traffic)

– It is Torah to bury solid waste







Camping chairs

We are asking for donations to put towards many of the miscellaneous things that come up, and for those who want to attend, but cannot afford it. Contact us at [email protected] if you feel led.

***Fishing licenses***

(Great fishing here)
Out of state Fishing license
$52 +10 (trout)

First Aid
We will have first aid supplies on hand.

We will have a nightly ‘fire watch’, looking over the camp. If you are an able bodied man that wants to help with overseeing the camps safety during sleeping hours, let us know at check-in.

There is a centralized dumpster for use. Please keep your individual areas clean at all times. Remember, the Torah says Yahuah walks among us, let’s keep that in mind 🙂

Yes of course! There is a central one, but we can make campfires at each of our individual sites. This is one of the highlight every year!

There is probably much more to cover, but hopefully this answers some basic questions.

Looking forward to celebrating with you,

Ancient Path Leadership team

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