First Fruits Celebration Notes

First Fruits

Welcome to our first fruits gathering!  Today, we will discuss what this day is about, and we will be celebrating it together as we discuss its application for our time!



Messiah Yahusha has risen indeed, the savior of the world, the spotless lamb, by his blood are we reconciled back to the father; our king of kings our Adon!


  • In the Song of Moses, we hear: Your right hand oh Yahuah, has become great in power, your right hand oh Yahuah, has crushed the enemy! How true it is and as it was prophecied since the beginning, Yahusha has overcome death and became the first fruits of the resurrection, HalleluYah – this is our hope brothers and sisters!


  • While the world is celebrating a mixing of the ways with the world, let us return back to the Father’s ways – the path that Yahusha – the true first fruits gave to us!


Let’s talk briefly about what YHWH thinks about us mixing with the ways of the world:



Easter is a pagan tradition, so let us celebrate the resurrection of Yahusha the right way!  First fruits 




Leviticus 23:9-14:


  • In an agricultural society, they relied on the crop harvests and this was an outward expression of gratitude.
  • This feast starts the counting of the omer to Shavuot (a day when the Torah was given)
    • Our freedom by the blood of the lamb (Passover) should lead us to the true freedom by walking in Torah.


Is it the day after the normal Sabbath or the “Holy Convocation” (like a Sabbath) I don’t know exactly? (It should be within 3 days of the Passover if Yahusha fulfilled it on the correct day)

Joshua 5 is interesting


How it was celebrated:



Yahusha the first fruits


  • First crop to mature (like the barley) We come after!


3rd day


How can we offer a firstfruit today?  Praise Yahusha every day, but even more so today! Perhaps let this day encourage you to share your testimony publicly!

  • Share my quick testimony?
  • Give to the needy

End with


Proclaim Yahusha is risen!

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