Feast Day Dates (2021)


Shalom brothers and sisters.  Here, I wanted to share the dates I’ll be celebrating YHWH’s Festivals this year.  These dates will be different than mainstream Hebrew calendars and also the Solar calendars. If you have not seen the breakdown of my understanding of the calendar yet, here are some links:

Calculating the Feast Days (Video Link)
Calculating the Feast Days (Article Link)

I will be giving out dates according to the gregorian calendar, so that it is understood by any who may read this. As we continue to grow, I do believe we should be learning more about YHWH’s calendar and not relying so heavily on the world’s method.


New Year New Moon

It looks like the evening (sunset) of April 13th will be the first visible sliver.





Passover will be the evening (sunset) of April 27th, the meal is to be eaten that night (after sunset).


Unleavened Bread


Unleavened Bread begins with the Passover meal at night on the 27th of April and continues until May 4th at evening.


First Fruits


First Fruits will be from the evening of May 1st until the evening of May 2nd.


Shabuot / Pentecost


Shabuot will be from the evening of June 19th until the evening of June 20th.


Yom Teruah/Feast of Trumpets


Yom Teruah will be celebrated at the sighting of the New Moon on October 7th at evening (sunset) until the evening of October 8th.


Day of Atonement


The Day of Atonement will be celebrated on the evening of October 16th to the 17th at evening.


Feast of Tabernacles / Sukkot


Sukkot will be celebrated from the evening of October 21st until the evening of October 29th.  The first Sabbath will be from the evening of October 21st until the evening of October 22nd.  The last Sabbath of Tabernacles will be from the evening of the 28th until the evening of the 29th.


May Yahuah bless you as you cast off the world’s celebrations and walk in his everlasting ways, regardless of when you will keep these Set-apart days.

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