Enoch Alternate Version Scriptures

IN those days shall the elect and holy race descend from the upper heavens, and their seed shall then be with the sons of men. Chanok received cepheriym of indignation and wrath, and cepheriym of hurry and agitation. CHANOK (ENOCH) 39:1 את CEPHER


AFTER this I beheld the secrets of the heavens and of paradise, according to its divisions; and of the action of mankind, as they weight it there in balances. I saw the habitations of the elect, and the habitations of the holy. And there my eyes beheld all the sinners, who denied Yahuah of glory, and whom they were expelling from there, and dragging away, as they stood there; no punishment proceeding against them from Yahuah Tseva’oth. There, too, my eyes beheld the secrets of the lightning and the thunder; and the secrets of the winds, how they are distributed as they blow over the earth: the secrets of the winds, of the dew, and of the clouds. There I perceived the place from which they issued forth, and became saturated with the dust of the earth. There I saw the wooden receptacles, out of which the winds became separated, the receptacle of hail, the receptacle of snow, the receptacle of the clouds, and the cloud itself, which continued over the earth before the world. I beheld also the receptacles of the moon, whence they came, whither they proceeded, their glorious return, and how one became more splendid than another. I marked their rich progress, their unchangeable progress, their disunited and undiminished progress; their observance of a mutual fidelity by a stable oath; the sun goes out first and completes its journey, in obedience to the command of Yahuah Tseva’oth. Potent is his name forever and ever. After this, the path that both concealed and manifested the moon, as well as the progress of its path, was there completed by day and by night; while each, one with another, looked towards Yahuah Tseva’oth, magnifying and praising without cessation, since praise to them is rest; for in the splendid sun there is a frequent conversion to blessing and to malediction. The course of the moon’s path to the righteous is light, but to sinners it is darkness; in the name of Yahuah Tseva’oth, who created a division between light and darkness, and, separating the ruachoth of men, strengthened the ruachoth of the righteous in the name of his own righteousness. Nor does the angel prevent this, neither is he endowed with the power of preventing it; for the Judge beholds them all, and judges them all in his own presence. CHANOK (ENOCH) 41:1-7 את CEPHER


Part 11


I BEHELD another splendor, and the stars of heaven. I observed that he called them all by their respective names, and that they heard. In a righteous balance I saw that he weighed out with their light the amplitude of their places, and the day of their appearance, and their conversion. Splendor produced splendor; and their conversion was into the number of the angels, and of the faithful. Then I inquired of the angel, who proceeded with me, and explained to me secret things, What their names were. He answered. A similitude of those has Yahuah Tseva’oth shown you. They are names of the righteous who dwell upon earth, and who believe in the name of Yahuah Tseva’oth forever and ever. CHANOK (ENOCH) 43:1-2 את CEPHER



They shall condemn the stars of heaven, shall lift up their hands against El Elyon, shall tread upon and inhabit the earth, exhibiting all their acts of iniquity, even their works of iniquity. Their strength shall be in their riches, and their faith in the elohiym whom they have formed with their own hands. They shall deny the name of Yahuah Tseva’oth, and will be driven from the houses of his assembly, and of the faithful who suffer in the name of Yahuah Tseva’oth. CHANOK (ENOCH) 46:5-6 את CEPHER




Others shall be made to see, that they must repent, and forsake the works of their hands; and that glory awaits them not in the presence of Yahuah Tseva’oth; yet that by his name they may be saved. Yahuah Tseva’oth will have compassion on them; for great is his mercy; and righteousness is in his judgment, and in the presence of his glory; nor in his judgment shall iniquity stand. He who repents not before him shall perish. CHANOK (ENOCH) 50:3 את CEPHER


In those days the mountains shall skip like rams, and the hills shall leap like young sheep satiated with milk; and all shall become like angels in heaven. CHANOK (ENOCH) 51:4 את CEPHER



Then shall angels combine together, and conspire. The chiefs of the east, among the Parthians and Medes, shall remove kings, in whom a ruach of perturbation shall enter. They shall hurl them from their thrones, springing as lions from their dens, and like famished wolves into the midst of the flock. They shall go up, and tread upon the land of their elect. The land of their elect shall be before them. The threshing floor, the path, and the city of my righteous shall impede their horses. They shall rise up to destroy each other; their right hand shall be strengthened; nor shall a man acknowledge his friend or his brother; CHANOK (ENOCH) 55:9-10 את CEPHER



AFTER this the name of the Son of A’dam, living with Yahuah Tseva’oth, was exalted by the inhabitants of the earth. It was exalted in the chariots of the Ruach; and the name went forth in the midst of them. From that time I was not drawn into the midst of them; but he seated me between two ruachoth, between the north and the west, where the angels received their ropes, to measure out a place for the elect and the righteous. There I beheld the fathers of the first men, and the qodeshiym, who dwell in that place forever. CHANOK (ENOCH) 70:1-4 את CEPHER



“The moon brings on all the years exactly, that their stations may come neither too forwards nor too backwards a single day; but that the years may be changed with correct precision in three hundred and sixty-four days.”
Enoch 74:12 Ethiopian Manuscript


“year then becomes truly complete according to the station of the moon, and the station of the sun; which rise in the different gates; which rise and set in them for thirty days.”
Enoch 74:17 Ethiopian Manuscript


Antolius of  Alexndria 269 a.d. (Ante Nicean Volume)

“For it was also known to the Jews of old and before Christ, and it was most carefully observed by them. And this may be learned from what Philo, and Josephus, and Musaeus have written; and not only from these, but indeed from others still more ancient, namely, the two Agathobuli, who were surnamed the Masters, and the eminent Aristobulus, who was one of the Seventy who translated the sacred and holy Scriptures of the Hebrews for Ptolemy Philadelphus and his father, and dedicated his exegetical books on the law of Moses to the same kings. These writers, in solving some questions which are raised with respect to Exodus, say that all alike ought to sacrifice the Passover after the vernal equinox in the middle of the first month. And that is found to be when the sun passes through the first segment of the solar, or, as some among them have named it, the zodiacal circle.


But this Aristobulus also adds, that for the feast of the Passover it was necessary not only that the sun should pass the equinoctial segment, but the moon also. For as there are two equinoctial segments, the vernal and the autumnal, and these diametrically opposite to each other, and since the day of the Passover is fixed for the fourteenth day of the month, in the evening, the moon will have the position diametrically opposite the sun; as is to be seen in full moons. And the sun will thus be in the segment of the vernal equinox, and the moon necessarily will be at the autumnal equinox.”

“But that the first month among the Hebrews is about the equinox, is clearly shown also by what is taught in the book of Enoch.”


“The moon shall change its laws, and not be seen at its proper period. But in those days shall heaven be seen; and barrenness shall take place in the borders of the great chariots in the west. Heaven shall shine more than when illuminated by the orders of” “light; while many chiefs among the stars of authority shall err, perverting their ways and works. Those shall not appear in their season, who commanded them, and all the classes of the stars shall be shut up against sinners. The thoughts of those who dwell on the earth shall transgress within them; and they shall be perverted in all their ways. They shall transgress, and think themselves as gods; while evil shall be multiplied among them. And punishment shall come upon them, so that all of them shall be destroyed.”
The Book of Enoch 80 Ethiopian Manuscript


“With respect to the progress of the sun in heaven, it enters and goes out of each gate for thirty days,
with the leaders of the thousand classes of the stars; with four which are added, and appertain to the four quarters of the year, which conduct them, and accompany them at four periods. Respecting these, men greatly err, and do not calculate them in the calculation of every age; for they greatly err respecting them; nor do men know accurately that they are in the calculation of the year. But indeed these are marked down for ever; one in the first gate, one in the third, one in the fourth, and one in the sixth.”
Enoch 82:4-5 Ethiopian Manuscript


“Truly has been stated, and accurately has been calculated that which is marked down; for the luminaries, the months, the fixed periods, the years, and the days, Uriel has explained to me, and communicated to me; whom the Lord of al l creation, on my account, commanded (according to the might of heaven, and the power which it possesses both by night and by day) to explain the laws of light to man, of the sun, moon, and stars, and of all the powers of heaven, which are turned with their respective orbs. This is the ordinance of the stars, which set in their places, in their seasons, in their periods, in their days, and in their months”
Enoch 82:7-8 Ethiopian Manuscript



“I observed likewise during the time, that twenty-three shepherds were overlooking; who completed in their respective periods fifty eight periods.”
Enoch 90:5 Ethiopian Manuscript



“Then were small lambs born of those white sheep; who began to open their eyes and to see, crying out to the sheep. The sheep, however, cried not out to them, neither did they hear what they uttered to them; but were deaf, blind, and obdurate in the greatest degrees.”
Enoch 90:6-7 Ethiopian Manuscript



“I stood beholding him immerge that ancient house, while they brought out its pillars, every plant in it, and the ivory infolding it. They brought it out, and deposited it in a place on the right side of the earth. I also saw, that the master of the sheep produced a new house, great, and loftier than the former, which he bound by the former circular spot. All its pillars were new, and its ivory new, as well as more abundant than the former ancient ivory, which he had brought out.”
Enoch 90:28-29 Ethiopian Manuscript


“That which was written by Enoch. He wrote all this instruction of wisdom for every man of dignity, and every judge of the earth; for all my children who shall dwell upon earth, and for subsequent generations, conducting themselves uprightly and peaceably.”
Enoch 91(92):1 Ethiopian Manuscript



“Let the righteous man arise from slumber; let him arise, and proceed in the path of righteousness, in all its paths; and let him advance in goodness and eternal clemency. Mercy shall be showed to the righteous man; upon him shall be conferred integrity and power for ever. In goodness and in righteousness shall he exist, and shall walk in everlasting light; but sin shall perish in eternal darkness, nor be seen from that time forward for evermore.”
Enoch 91(92):3-5 Ethiopian Manuscript


“Approach not integrity with a double heart; nor be associated with double-minded men: but walk, my children, in righteousness, which will conduct you in good paths; and be truth your companion.”
Enoch 92(91):4 Ethiopian Manuscript



“Every place of strength shall be surrendered with its inhabitants; with fire shall it be burnt. They shall be brought from every part of the earth, and be cast into a judgment of fire. They shall perish in wrath, and by a judgment overpowering them for ever. Righteousness shall be raised up from slumber; and wisdom shall be raised up, and conferred upon them.”
Enoch 92:9-10 Ethiopian Manuscript


“Sinners shall be delivered up into the hands of the righteous, who during its completion shall l acquire habitations by their righteousness; and the house of the great King shall be established for celebrations for ever. After this, in the ninth week, shall the judgment of righteousness.”
Enoch 93:14 Ethiopian Manuscript



“And now let me exhort you, my children, to love righteousness, and to walk in it; for the paths of righteousness are worthy of acceptation; but the paths of iniquity shall suddenly fail, and be diminished. To men of note in their generation the paths of oppression and death are revealed; but they keep far from them, and do not follow them. Now, too, let me exhort you who are righteous, not to walk in the paths of evil and oppression, nor in the paths of death. Approach them not, that you may not perish; but desir, And choose for yourselves righteousness, and a good life. Walk in the paths of peace, that you may live, and be found worthy. Retain my words in your inmost thoughts, and obliterate them not from your hearts; for I know that sinners counsel men to commit crime craftily. They are not found in every place, nor does every counsel possess a little of them.”
Enoch 94:1-3 Ethiopian Manuscript


“Now therefore know that you are destined to the day of destruction; nor hope that sinners shall live; but in process of time you shall die; for you are not marked for redemption; But are destined to the day of the great judgment, to the day of distress, and the extreme ignominy of your souls.”
Enoch 98:10 Ethiopian Manuscript

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