Enoch 50
“And in those days a change shall take place for the holy and elect, And the light of days shall abide upon them, And glory and honour shall turn to the holy, On the day of affliction on which evil shall have been treasured up against the sinners. And the righteous shall be victorious in the name of Yahuah Tseba’ot: And He will cause the others to witness (this)
That they may repent And forgo the works of their hands. They shall have no honour through the name of Yahuah Tseba’ot, Yet through His name shall they be saved, And Yahuah Tseba’ot will have compassion on them, For His compassion is great. And He is righteous also in His judgement, And in the presence of His glory unrighteousness also shall not maintain itself: At His judgement the unrepentant shall perish before Him.
And from henceforth I will have no mercy on them, says Yahuah Tseba’ot.

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