Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) 2022 Study Notes

Yom Kippur – Day of Atonement

  • Most set apart day of the year
  • Judgement day
  • bittersweet

The Command:

Lev 23:26-32

Afflict (Ana) used 3x

  • To be humbled
  • brought low
  • sad/depressed

Why should we be brought down?

  • Our sins

  • Dispersion

  • Day of Judgement (of the wicked)

– Rejoice not when your enemy falls

Isaiah 66:24 Aramaic
And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcasses of the
men, the sinners, who have rebelled against My WORD: for their
souls shall not die, and their fire shall not be quenched; and the
wicked shall be judged in sheol, till the righteous shall say
concerning them, we have seen enough.

  • The lost, the blind…

  • Affliction for our own good
  • We know his instructions benefit us (food, fasting etc…)

Day of Atonement was the forgiveness of sins once a year (Lev 16)

  • One goat for YHWH (sacrificed)
  • One for Azazel (Enoch 10)

In our time, we Mourn for, and look to Messiah Yahusha

Atonement/Kaphar (Noah’s Ark)

The Jubilee

End with Yahusha’s words

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