I’ve been living in Newport News, VA. Due to the loss of employment, my parents have offered to pay for the buy-out so I can move back to Bend, OR. Pray that there will be no issues financially during this move. Pray that God will supply more than enough for all the expenses throughout this move, and a substantial safety net. Pray for STRENGTH for me—mental, emotional, spiritual strength. I don’t feel strong enough to make this move. Pray that God will help me to DOWNSIZE, eliminate everything I don’t need, eliminate all the books I don’t need, and travel light. Pray that God will help me to pack quickly, energetically, and compactly, I have a small car. Pray that I will organize and pack everything wisely and strategically. Pray that I will not overlook any step, and that everything will be easy and inexpensive. Pray God will protect my items, especially my guitar (I don’t have a case), and that my car will drive safely with no issues. Pray for God’s help with removing furniture, cleaning the whole place, and that I will not be charged any move-out fees. Pray that God will send angels to help me with every step of this move. Thanks for your prayers.

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