3 Day Passover Campout


Shalom all!  At the time of getting this page together, we have roughly 2 months until Passover, well at least on the calendar I’m on.  If you have questions why we will be celebrating Passover on the evening of April 27th and Unleavened Bread until May 4th, here are some resources for you:

Calendar Series: Calculating the Feast Days

We will be doing a 3-day Passover camp out at Paradise Valley Campground in Cassville Missouri, which should be a blessed time in reverence to YHWH! We have reserved the site from the 27th – 29th of April (Tues – Thurs).  The daytime of the 27th is the prep-day and that evening will be the meal.  Arrive early that day to set up and get to know each other a little. Reservations will be done through us, as we have the campground blocked off. Some of you may be coming from far and have asked if you can arrive a day early (the 26th). This is okay and will have to be done through the campground directly.




We are still working out all the specifics, but we will be locating many lambs for the feast. When sending a reservation to Mary, please let her know how many adults and how many children will be partaking of the lamb.  We will have a community meal on the evening/night of the 27th (Passover) and one also for dinner on the 28th (concluding the first day of unleavened bread).  While we will be baking some unleavened bread, it wont be enough for the whole community.  This is an excellent opportunity to bring some of your own and share — there is a rather large outdoor kitchen on-site, that can be used, alongside other any other means, including making it at home and bringing it.

Meals outside of the Passover dinner will be pot-luck style.  Please make sure to bring food to share and for your own family; make sure to plan ahead. There are grocery stores roughly an hour away, but the Sabbath will be from the evening of the 27th – 28th, so plan accordingly!  There is water and showers on-site.




Wine is permissible for the feast and will be part of the Passover dinner (or grape juice).  We will not provide any, so please bring your own, again perhaps a great opportunity to share!  I only ask that you each know your limits.  Drinking and enjoying yourself is 100% allowed per the Torah, but this is not an event for drunkenness.  Drunken behavior will not be allowed and will be dealt with swiftly.



Yes, of course bring your children!  We are expecting to have many and will be working on plenty of activities to keep it exciting for them.  If you have some activity ideas, please let us know, we are open!




All reservations will go through Mary Hawley on behalf of POTV.  All payments will be made directly to the campground when you check in.




We have a total of 45 tent spots and 15 RV/Camper slots.




This Passover event is not for you if…

  • you feel compelled to tell everyone your pronunciation of the Hebrew YHWH is the only correct pronunciation.
  • you feel compelled to tell everyone your understanding of the calendar is the only true one.
  • you feel compelled to tell everyone your understanding of the end times is the only correct understanding.
  • you feel compelled to tell everyone your understanding of the scriptures is the only true inspired understanding.

This is not a time to come and make your fellow brothers and sisters your mission field to convince them of your beliefs. This is a time to come together and rejoice despite our differences. We’re all growing at a different pace in our walk with the Father.

Those who choose to ignore this and become a disturber of shalom (peace) among brethren will be politely asked to leave. (Borrowed from TorahFamily.org)



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