Torah Portion Week 4 2021-2022

Torah Portion Week 4 Notes

VAYERA – “and he appeared” 18:1-22:24



1-2 – “Yahuah appeared” (The Word)

Bowed to the “Angel” Just like Joshua did and was not corrected


4-8 – Deeds of Abraham (John 8:37-40, Matt 25:31-46


& Jasher 22:11-13

18:14 – ‘Time appointed’ (Moed)

  • Jubilees

18:19 – children, Deut 6 and 30!

20 – Read Deeds of Sodom (Jasher 19:3-46) Also Eleazar and Judge, 4 Feasts and Orgies

25-33 – Strong praying for the weak (2 Esdras 7)




Targums read: “And the angels, who had the likeness of men, arose from thence, and the one who had made known the tidings to Sarah ascended to the high heavens; and two of them looked toward Sedom; and Abraham went with them”



2 – Lot is also hospitable like Abraham

4 – Matza before fleeing to safety, like the Exodus account??

5- “know them”

Septuagint “ Where are the men that went in to thee this night? bring them out to us that we may be with them.”

Targums: “Where are the men who entered with thee to-night? Bring them out to us, and we will lie with them.”

19:8 –

19:14 –


16 – The Angel “took hold of him” like rev 12

24 – Sodom & Gomorrah ruins: Sulphur h

Pictures of ruins

26 – “Remember Lots wife”

29 Destruction from the Word: Targums – “And the Word of the Lord had caused showers of favour to descend upon Sedom and Amorah, to the intent that they might work repentance, but they did it not: so that they said, Wickedness is not manifest before the Lord. Behold, then, there are now sent down upon them sulphur and fire from before the Word of the Lord from Heaven.”

END – Jasher confirms the daughters thought the whole world was destroyed  Jasher 19:57



6 – Dream Jasher 20:12-18

20:7 – Yahuah’s love for his people – Man of war –

–           Also 2 Esdras 7 stones



9-12Cast out the bondwoman (Jasher 21:11-15)

12- Targum: “Hearken unto all that Sarah saith to thee, because she is a prophetess”

14 Abraham was tested (Jubilees 17:15-18)


  • Jasher 21:18-20

Targums: “And Abraham rose up in the morning, and took bread and a cruse of water, and gave to Hagar to bear upon her shoulder, and bound it to her loins, to signify that she was a servant, and the child, and dismissed her with a letter of divorce”

More on Ishmael/Hager, Targums: “And the voice of the youth was heard before the Lord for the righteousness’ sake of Abraham; and the Angel of the Lord called to Hagar from heaven, and said, What to thee, Hagar? Faint not, for the voice of the youth is heard before the Lord; neither shall judgment be according to the evil which he will do, but according to the righteousness of Abraham is mercy upon him in the place where he is. Arise, support the child, and strengthen thine hand in him: for I have set him for a great people. And the Lord opened her eyes, and showed her a well of water, and she went and filled the cruse with water, and gave the youth to drink. And the Word of the Lord was the helper of the youth, and he grew and dwelt in the wilderness, and became a skilful master of the bow”



1-2 –  This test came from (Jubilees 17:14-15 & Jasher 22:1-3,40-55)

14 – Mount Moriah significance:

Jasher account: LONG – 23:1-75

SHORT – 23:49-69

Testing Abraham Vid:

Jasher 22:40 – 23:90

Jubilees 17:14 – 17

All words matter –

Abraham was patient in tribulation

  • Deeds of Abraham:
  • Waiting many years for a son (patience).
    • Are you praying for something and not getting an answer?
    • In a tough situation and not delivered yet?
    • Did Abraham backbite or complain?
      • Do you think Abraham prayed often? Yet he didn’t receive an answer for many years. (Are we more deserving than Abraham?)
      • Patience, wait and trust.
        • Joseph
        • Jeremiah


Patience, wait for Yahuah – Finish with Enoch 108



Abraham, the friend of Elohim was tested at the highest levels and was found to be faithful in all his works. When we think about the command that went forth from the Father that Abraham was to offer up Isaac his son, many questions arise. Why?  Today, it’s time we took a deeper look, and receive some long-awaited answers.  May Yahuah be blessed forever.

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