Week 3 Lech Lecha

Torah Portion Week 3 (21-22)

Lech-Lecha (Go / Leave)

Gen 12:1 – 17:27



  • Would you just get up and go at the command of Yahuah?










13:9 – Targum reads: And contentions arose between the shepherds of Abram’s flock, and the shepherds of the flocks of Lot; for the shepherds of Abram had been instructed by him not to go among the Kenaanaee and the Pherizaee, who, as yet, had power in the land, and to restrain the cattle that they should make no depredation




  • 13:12 – Lot separating – Writings of Abraham 80 (81)



  • Targums read: And the men of Sedom were depraved in their wealth one with another, and they sinned in their bodies; they sinned with open nakedness, and the shedding of innocent blood, and practised strange worship, and rebelled greatly against the name of YAHUAH.


  • Jasher 13:1-4



  • Writings of Abraham 83(84)


“And it was in the days of Amraphel,–he is Nimrod, who commanded Abram to be cast into the furnace; he was then king of Pontos; Ariok, (so called) because he was (arik) tall among the giants, king of Thalasar,”

“And Malka Zadika, who was Shem bar Noah, the king of Yerushalem, came forth to meet Abram, and brought forth to him bread and wine; and in that time he ministered before Eloha Ilaha”


The father of faith. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=matt+10%3A34-39&version=KJV








End of 15, read Targums (it answers why in 15:1 “fear not”, what was Abraham fearing?)



  • Hagar facts: Jasher 16:23-33


Targums: “But Sara, the wife of Abram, had not borne to him. But he had a handmaid, a Mizreitha, and her name was Hagar, a daughter of Pharoh, whom he gave to him as a handmaid at the time that he received her, being struck by the word from before the Lord”

“And she gave thanks before the Lord whose Word spake to her, and thus said, Thou art He who livest and art eternal; who seest, but art not seen! · for she said, For, behold, here is revealed the glory of the Shekina of the Lord after a vision.”














  • 17:15 – Just as Abram was given a new name, Abraham and Sarai to Sarah, we will receive a new name as well: Rev 2:17

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