Torah Portion Week 19 Terumah Study Notes 2022

Torah Portion Week 19 – Terumah  “Gift/offering” (2022)



Exo 25:1 – 27:19


  • I’m just a student of Torah
  • Prayer




25:1-7 – Cheerful giver ( do you think there were some stingy amongst them?)



25:8 – Dwelling with us



25:10 – 4.3 feet long by 2.5 feet


25:16 – Tablets (Torah) Rod (authority of the priesthood and the power of YHWH) and Manna (Yahusha is the true bread from heaven)


25:22 – Read the Targums


Ark story in 1 Samuel




25:23 showbread table



25: 36 – Of one piece (echad)

end (lampstand)


  • What two offices were anointed with oil?




Vessels 2 Tim 2:





While it may seem boring on the surface, this is some of the most detailed instructions in all of scripture. We should care!


Standard understanding:




26:34 Ark, most holy place



26:35 picture of lamp facing the showbread:

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