Passover 2022 Information and FAQ

Shalom family, we are excited to spend Yahuah’s Feast of Passover & Unleavened Bread with you this year!  We wanted to cover some of the basics, rules, ‘need to know’ information, schedules and some miscellaneous items.  We are gathering at Sweet Water Campground owned by Riverfront Canoe in Lebanon, Missouri. It will be from April 15th (9 a.m. check-in) to April 24th. **Please do not show up early to this site** (Last year this caused an issue)

If you need to arrive early, the main campsite (Riverfront Canoe) has a campground and RV sites for rent.

30075 Marigold LN
Lebanon, MO 65536

GPS will not guide you properly. We will give accurate turn by turn directions as we get closer.



9 a.m. check-in.  When you arrive, we will have a registration booth; you will pay then. Please bring cash, so we can quickly pay the park and reimburse those who fronted the money for various expenses. The cost is $75 per adult and $30 per child for the whole stay, not per night. Example; if you have two adults and two children, you’d pay $210 for the whole event. The price remains the same, even if you’re just coming out for one day or a weekend, as we capped the registration at 700, and the overhead costs don’t decrease with early departures. We hope you understand.

Also, at check-in, we will be randomly assigning you to a ‘tribe’ of Israel. We will also be sectioning off the campsite based on tribes, so you will camp near others in your tribe (this was really fun for Sukkot!). If you have other parties you’d like to camp with, let us know at check-in, so we can keep you together. We thought this might make it a bit more fun, and we are working on getting some ‘tribal’ activities, and/or friendly competitions!

-There will be a ‘declaration of faith’ at sign up, to confirm you and the members of your party are believers in Yahuah through Yahusha our messiah, and believe we are to walk in Torah to the best of our understanding. This will be a verbal yes or no.

**Men 20 and older need to be physically circumcised to eat the Passover meal. Uncircumcised males may still attend and enjoy the festivities regardless.


We will have printed copies upon arrival.


There are 12 RV sites. 6 with full hookups and 6 without water/sewer. First come, first serve for the spots. Any camper/rv’s who sign up after the limit, can boondock it. They have both 50 and 30amp hookups. Please specify which you have, alongside your camper/rv length.

– Currently, there are 43 camper/RV’s coming, that means most of you will have to boondock (dry dock).

For those of you who will be staying in tents, make sure to bring extension cords and splitters as we will be doing our best to provide generators. If you have a large generator that you can share, please email us and let us know!

There are 5 showers and 5 full restrooms, but there will be many port-a-potty’s throughout the campsite. The main campsite (15-20 min drive) has many more showers we can use if lines get long.

The main campground (15-20 min away) has some cabins available for an extra charge; Riverfront Camp and Canoe.



We will be baptizing on 4/15/22 only. The reason for this, is I feel led to do baptisms while fasting, so I don’t want any of us to have to fast in the middle of the feast. Those of you who want to get baptized, it will be highly recommended that you fast at least 24 hours prior to doing so. I don’t have an exact time, but it will be sometime around noon.



There will be three Shabbats while we are there. The evening of the 15th through the evening of the 16th is the normal weekly Sabbath. Then, the evening of the 16th is the Passover meal and the first day of unleavened bread, which is a Sabbath, so we will have back to back Shabbats!  Then the evening of the 22nd through the 23rd will be the last day of Unleavened bread (a Shabbat & normal weekly Shabbat on the same day).

No buying or selling is allowed during these time periods, so make sure to plan accordingly, especially before you arrive, going into the double Shabbat. Cooking will be allowed during these times. If you’d like to know why I’m led to allow cooking on Shabbats, please review this study: Cooking on Shabbat?



You can participate in what you’d like. Everything is optional, however we would strongly recommend being a part of our daily communal scripture readings, dinner meals and praise & worship at night. Everyone here is family, there is no such things as ‘cliques’ or the ‘cool crowd’. We are all the cool crowd here in Yahusha!

We are renting a 90’x60′ enclosed tent for our ‘place of meeting’. In this tent, we will gather for:

  • Scripture readings.
    • We will read Exodus, Matthew, 2 Esdras, and a few others. (Around Noon)
  • Community meals
  • Studies/teachings (although it will be reading heavy, and light on the ‘teachings’)
  • Activities
  • Music (every night)
  • Dancing (every night)
  • Daily Teen Gathering 10am



On non Shabbat days, booths will be allowed on site. You may buy sell/trade/give away any approved goods (email us in advance for approval). On a side note, we will be coming up with a design for a 2022 Passover t-shirt, and will have these available for purchase on these days as well. 100% cotton of course!



Daily scripture readings: Noon CST.  I’ll be looking for volunteers to read, perhaps 2 chapters each.  Please be able to read clearly and concisely, so all may understand, and so we can get through them in a timely manner. Bring your lunch and enjoy it during the reading. We will also be providing light snacks.


Bounce house (daily)
Craft stations (coloring, paint, bubbles, outdoor stuffs etc…)

Scheduled (10/10:30 am)
Activities TBD

Corn hole

Photo booth
Midrash (after music & dancing) – These are fun fun fun!
Archery class  & Competitions
Axe/Knife Throwing


Tug o War
12 Tribes scavenger hunt

Daily teen gatherings
Capture the flag
Guest speakers



The ministry will be providing dinner for the Passover meal. All other dinners and lunches will be Oneg (potluck) style.  Most of the dinners will be together as a community, and some will be smaller, for tribe gatherings. Breakfast and lunches will be on you. We will have some men’s & women’s oneg style breakfasts as well.


Please bring your own drinks, plates, and silverware to meals. Last time, our trash pile was enormous due to paper plates. This year, we encourage bringing your own reusable dishware.

We are wanting to keep this whole campground ‘set-apart’ from all unclean foods. We will have a list available to you of the common foods to avoid. Let us also remember not to bring anything leavened! Also, there are major grocery stores (including Aldi’s) appx 15 miles away — we will discuss that more in a moment.

Clean Eating for Feasts PDF



Alcohol is allowed on site. This is Yahuah’s feast day, so enjoy yourself, but responsibly. If you can’t handle yourself appropriately, we will warn you, then ask you to leave for a 2nd offense. Keep the bottles in your area – walk around with cups/mugs.


Cannabis for recreational use is illegal in Missouri and the campground. Medical use only, and outside the camp.



Designated areas outside the camp only.


Hot Topics

We know there are some ‘hot’ topics of discussion in the Torah community, and healthy sharpening of one another is always welcomed. Please don’t be ‘that guy’ (or gal) that comes to these large gatherings just to argue about your calendar being the only correct one. Likewise many of the other topics; please come to fellowship in love, recognizing this is a Set-apart feast, and not the time for harsh debates. Matthew 18 is to be followed here. If you have an issue with someone, tell them one on one. If they do not hear you, then bring your tribe leader with you. If they still won’t listen, then it will be brought up before the tribe leaders for dismissal from the feast. This will be a place of Shalom, not discord. Likewise gossip will not be allowed; one warning then dismissal for gossip and slander, we will not tolerate it, as this behavior breaks shalom and fellowship quicker than anything else.


Firewood  & Ice

We will be using a portion of the donations to pre-purchase firewood for community use. It would be a good idea for anyone who has an abundance, and an ability to bring some, to please do so (only in-state). Nevertheless, there will also be firewood available close to the campsite.

We are renting an ice truck, and bags of ice will be available for purchase on-site, during non-Shabbat days.


Local Shopping

Major shopping is available within 15 miles of the campsite. We are also attempting to get farmers to bring their produce to sell on-site.

  • Price Cutter (mid priced and decent organic selections)
  • Aldi’s (most of you know about them)
  • Walmart
  • Others


Basics for each family to bring

Scripturally clean food/drinks for individual and potluck meals
Water/water filter
Camp stove/grill
Mixing bowls/measuring cups/spoons/serving utensils
Pots/pans/skillets/pot holders/CrockPot
Tupperware/ziplock bags
Ice chest/cooler
Wash bin/soap/sponges/dish cloths
Trash bags
Dish soap
Water jug
Personal care
Essential oils (peppermint)/Bug spray
Ground tarp
Mattress/camping mat/cot/hammock
Sheets/sleeping bag/blankets/pillows

Rugs, broom, etc.

Tent waterproofing spray (camp dry)
Solar ground or rope lights
Lighters, flashlight, headlamp, lantern, batteries
Paracord, duct/electrical tape, carabiners, clothespins
Hatchet, knife, handsaw
First aid kit
Extension cords/power strip
Water Bucket/container
5 gallon bucket with lugaloo lid (for nighttime emergency toilet)
Clothing (10 days) (temperatures ranging anywhere from 40°F to 80°F — Missouri weather)
Jacket/coat/raincoat/hats/scarves/head coverings
Sandals/boots (rain boots)
Please, modest clothing
– Shorts past finger length
– Avoiding low necklines

Modest swimwear (covering your body), men wear shirts.
Pets (allowed if well behaved)
Leash/ground stake/pin/corral
Waste bags (because it is a campground and there will be a lot of foot traffic)

Necessities for community needs
Crock pot’s
Pots & pans
Serving utensils
Extension cords

There is a 2 bedroom cabin on-site that will be reserved for pregnant and nursing moms as a place to congregate and relax.


We are asking for donations to put towards many of the miscellaneous things that come up. Contact me at [email protected] if you feel led.


Problem Resolution
Matthew 18 will be followed.


***Fishing licenses***


Out of state Fishing license
$52 +10 (trout)


First Aid
We will have first aid supplies on hand. We also have some first responders attending that I’m aware of now, but if you are trained in any type of first aid, or care in general, please let us know at check-in. The more we have, the better.


We will have a nightly ‘fire watch’, looking over the camp. If you are an able bodied man that wants to help with overseeing the camps safety during sleeping hours, let us know at check-in.


There is a centralized dumpster for use. Please keep your individual areas clean at all times. Remember, the Torah says Yahuah walks among us, let’s keep that in mind 🙂


Yes of course! There is a central one, but we can make campfires at each of our individual sites. During Sukkot last year, having one large one per tribe was amazing!


There is probably much more to cover, but hopefully this answers some basic questions.

Please get to know this song, as we will be singing it often while we are there:


Looking forward to Pesach’n with you,


Adam & Team

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